War in Sri La

The war in the Sri Lanka is very bad.  Almost 100000 people died in Sri Lankan or no food or clean water.  There are two sides.  Tamils and Sri Lankans.  In Canada there are many people who protested at Dundas Square in Toronto.  There are 250,000 Sir Lankan stuck in the war zone and more than 300 people have been killed in the latest fighting.  There are people in Canada whose family are trapped in the Sri Lanka war zone.

My Cousin’s New Wife From India

I met my big brother’s wife and her name is Shalini and we call her Shalini Anni. She’s from a place in India called Valluroor.  I went there a long time ago with my mom and my sister, brother and my dad. On Sunday my family and my cousins went to pick up my big brother’s wife at the airport.  I was kind of shy.  But after she came and i met her, I wasn’t shy.  I felt so special.  After I met her at the airport, she was smiling.  And so was I. She had the long hair, it was all the way down to her legs.  I was amazed. I think she’s very nice and kind. She sounds like a kid.  Her voice I mean.  She’s kind of short.  Even I am taller than her. Afterwords she came to my house to stay with us until my big brother gets a new house.  For me shes the best Indian cousin because she’s very nice and very good at putting on makeup.

Change the world by helping the needy

If I could change one thing in the world I would change the way people think about people who are needy. I would change the way people think about the needy because every time I like walk out of my house I see people who are homeless, need food, and are almost dead. I also want to help them because when I seeing them and see people just walking by them I feel real sorry. If everyone just took some time of there life and just spent time with the needy then we wouldn’t have a lot of people on the street. Did you know as many as 300,000 Canadians are homeless? One-third of these people are under the age of 25. Often they are school dropouts who’ve come from troubled homes. The needy people are needy because they are school drop out, they come from house that there parents beet them or they also become homeless because they don’t like the way there parents treat them.

Activity Day blog

This blog will be about the Rinx or activity day. We were handed sheets that tell you what options there are for activity day somewhere around early January. One day people had to pay for where they choose to go for activity day. Some people arrived to school that day in the morning about one hour before the teachers let the students in the school so they could get the activity they want for activity day without going to one where they do not want to go due to activities being full. There were two activities that got very few students, one activity only had four students and the other one only had one student. The teachers were considering to close these two activites. However the activity with only four students did not close down but the one with only one single student closed down and the student that went to the activity that closed down got rerouted to the rinx. People that went skating did not go skating but played in the gym instead due to the rain. Only the people who rented skates got a refund because they got pizza aswell. The rinx was an indoor place where people could play on whirly ball, lazer tag, and mini golf. In Whirly ball you basicly go in a bumper car, next you have to try to get a ball into your team’s hole. In lazer tag you get a vest that connects to the lazer, on the back of the lazer there is a number that tells how many points you’ve scored. In the last ten minutes it shows the time left. To score you must shoot the lazer on somebody’s vest. However some people cheat by removing their vest. I won’t mention mini golf because I have never went to this activity. After these activities we had pizza and pop. Next we had rollerblading or roller skating. Rollerblading has four wheels that go in a straight line which has less balance than the roller skates. Roller skates has its wheels scattered like a car with a rubber object on front of it to stop. In my opinion roller skates were easier because of its balance. After roller skating or roller blading we went back to Sir Ernest Macmillan. This is what we did in activity day or the rinx.

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