2. Podcasts

We’ve discovered the joys of Podcasting and we want to share our creations with you.

Here are our classroom Podcasts!  Enjoy!

Podcast 23 – Dogs vs Cat

In this episode, two students debate which is the better pet:  dogs or cats?  Listen and you decide!

Podcast 22 – Youtube is the Best and Our Mean Black Ninja FishPodcast

In this episode, one of our student shares why he thinks Youtube is the best place to find videos.  Another student tells us about our meanest class pet, the Black Ninja Fish!

21 – Ripley’s Aquarium and Minecraft

We have a new podcast up and running!  In this episode, we have one student sharing their experience of going to Ripley’s Aquarium.  Another student reads the back cover of his new Minecraft book.

Podcast 20 – Terry Fox and the Amazing Things Done In His Name

In this episode, one of our students tells us why Terry Fox is so important and some of the amazing things that have happened in his name.



Podcast 19 – Point of View On School Uniforms

In this episode, one of our students shares her point of view on school uniforms.  In her opinion, school uniforms are a bad idea.


Podcast 18 – Some Information and Opinions of The Dalai Lama and Mother Teresa

We have a new podcast up and running.  In this episode, we have two students share their thoughts on the Dalai Lama and Mother Teresa, two very important people who have done great work for people around the world.


Podcast 17 – Challenging Why Women Wear Makeup

A powerful message from a strong young woman.  One of our students wrote an essay about why some women feel compelled to wear makeup to feel beautiful.   This student challenges us to think about the messages we see in the media everyday and question our ideas of beauty.


Podcast 16 – Why Video Games Are Good

One of our students wrote an essay about why he feels video games are not just fun and entertainment.  In fact, he makes the argument that they are educational and develop other skills that can be used in everyday life.


Podcast 15 – L2R Christmas Podcast

This podcast was created by our schools Leading to Reading class.  These students from Grade 2 practised and put on a wonderful Christmas themed show!


Podcast 14 – A Story

In this episode, one of our special guest students reads a story for us to enjoy.

Podcast 13 – Against Animal Testing and the Case for More Gym Class

Here is our newest podcast!  To points of view with sound arguments and great supporting points!



Podcast 12 – Tornado Alley

Here we have a guest podcaster who has offered to enlighten us about tornadoes.  It’s quite the whirlwind of a segment and will surely blow you away!


Podcast 11 – Skits and Jokes

Here we have two separate, but connected podcasts.  Each has a skit and a bunch of jokes.  Awesome!



Podcast 10 – David Suzuki Turns 75 and The Courage to Go to School

In this episode, we have two very interesting and important topics.  One student has created a segment about two girls, one  in 1960s America and the other in current day Afganistan, who both faced terrible trouble because they wanted to attend school.  The second segment is in honour of environmentalist and scientist David Suzuki’s 75th Birthday.

Podcast 9 – Our Favourite Animals

In this episode, 3 of our students tell us about their favourite animals and why they love them so much!


Podcast 8 – The Fairy Tale Podcast

Our class worked on a Fairy Tale Unit where we looked at classic stories and then mixed up ones.  Our assignment was to create products that could help characters in Fairy Tales get through some tough spots.



Podcast 7 – Barak Obama And His Importance to Canada and the World

So, like everyone else in the world, we got swept up in Obama-mainia.  We spent the whole day of his inaugoration doing work around the historical significance of Obama becoming president of the US and what that meant for America, Canada and the rest of the world.  We even ate lunch together and watched the whole ceremony live as a class.  It was a great day filled with fun, activities and endless possibilities.  Based on what we witnessed, several students had things they wanted to share with the world about Pres. Obama.  Here is the finished podcast.



Podcast 1 – Poetry Podcast Episode

Over the past few weeks, we have been looking at poetry in our classroom.  It all started when we looked at Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song” and moved beyond the music and studied the lyrics.  Bob Marley is nothing short of a prophet who is powerfully brilliant.  The students seemed to really be inspired by reading his lyrics and discussing the meaning behind the words.  From lyrics it was an easy jump to poetry and, boy, did we ever look at poetry! We held a Poetry Café where we sat around, drank hot chocolate and read poetry including some by Tupac Shakur, Langston Hughes, Alden Nowlen, Jack Prelutsky and others.  After learning about different styles of poetry, students wrote some of their own fantastic poems.

In this Podcast, you’ll hear several Odes, a couple of Quatrains, one Definition, and some freestyle poetry.  Students were asked to record their poems and then find a copyright-free soundtrack to put behind their poetry.  All in all, it was one of the coolest things we have done to date.  Enjoy!

Poetry Podcast

Podcast 2 – Tips For the New Grade 7 Students

One of the final assignments we did this year was to write some tips for the new Grade 7 students on how to survive a new school, new teachers and a whole new way of taking classes. One of our students thought it would be great to record her tips and strategies and post it as a podcast. Tres cool, non?

Tips for new grade 7 students

Podcast 3 – The Eastern Garbage Patch and Terry Fox

In this episode, we have two very interesting segments. One of our students has taken it upon himself to create a segment on The Eastern Garbage Patch, a giant floating island that travels along the Atlantic Ocean. The really sad thing is, this island is entirely made of the plastic garbage we throw out.

Two other students have have created a Podcast segment that outlines some of the important dates and events in Terry Fox’s Life and Legacy. Over the past couple of week, we have been looking at the amazing accomplishments of Terry Fox and the contributions he’s made to people around the world. It’s amazing to think this young ordinary man (as he once described himself) has continued to make positive changes in peoples’ lives, even over 25 years after he passed away.

Terry Fox, The Eastern Garbage Patch

Podcast 4 – An Interview With Our New Principal

This year, our school got a new principal.  Many of our students were curious about him and about the kinds of things he was going to do for our school.  Two of our students got together and wrote up several questions and scheduled an interview.  After writing and rewriting questions, figuring out who was going to ask what and a couple of hours of practicing their interviewing skills, our two students headed to the principal’s office for their big moment.  Here’s an edited down version of their 15 minute interview.


Podcast 5 – Child Labour, Confessions of a Habitually Late Student

We’ve studied many interesting topics in our class.  Some of them are amazing and make you feel good while some of them are really sad but make you think about your lives and the lives of people around the world.  One of the toughest things we studied in our class was child labour.  One student was motivated to write a poem about child labour from the point of view of the child labourer.

Another student wrote a paragraph outlining some good strategies on how to get to school on time and why it is important to do so.  Mr. Borges introduced this student to a new word that describes his…um…issues around arriving on time:  habitually.  So this student entitled his paragraph, “Confessions of a Habitually Late Student”.  He decided to turn his writing assignment into a Podcast segment.  Pretty interesting stuff.

Child Labour, The Confessions of a Habitually Late Student


Podcast 6 – The Great Blue Whale

One of our students took it upon himself to research and write an essay about Blue Whales.  He went one step further and recorded it as a podcast!  This took him almost 3 weeks to complete, but he learned all aspects of producing a podcast, from recording to editing using Audacity to adding sound effects and music.  Take a listen to this amazing piece of work!

The Blue Whale


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