Assignment 1 – Terry Fox

After watching the vide, remembering our conversations about Terry’s life and battle with cancer and reading his letter, use the comment function to post your “In Terry’s Shoes” writing in role journal entry.

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  2. When I was in the hospital I saw people who could not smile anymore because they are sick. I saw people that wave sick with were brave. I saw kids that were smaller then me that the same thing happened to him. I felt sad that they have to amputate there legs and go though treatments. I feel terrible leaving the hospital knowing that there are very sick people in the hospital. I am running the Marathon of hope because kids that are smaller then me are sick and maybe we can find a cure for cancer.

  3. Terry Fox

    April 1977

    Hello my name is Terry Fox. I am a 21 years old and I have cancer. When I was in the hospital, I saw a lot of sick kids and old people who had cancer too. I felt so bad for them. I was thinking maybe I could help them. I want to begin a marathon so I can try to raise one dollar from each Canadian. I want to raise money because I can give the money to cancer research so they can find a cure. On April 22 I will start my marathon and I am going to run across Canada.

  4. I saw sad children in the hospital who has cancer I feel sad about the people in pain and dieting I am going to run for the young people and cancer kids I want to help the cancer people is going to die so I won’t stop run and I will not stop helping the people and I will keep running for the people and I will keep running every single day And I run with my best friend and my broth and I wake up every 4 am every day to wake up to run for the cancer kids and the people and I run 3330 miles and I die in June 28, 1981, I was 22 year old And my mother new I was dieting and I boot my mother the last Christmas present and the last Christmas to getter with my family and I didn’t make it to the end and I am sad.

  5. In the hospital I saw the children that had cancers too. I felt sad because I saw the children that were going through the same thing that I went through. I will run east to west across Canada to raise 1000000 dollars. On April 12, 1980 I will start the Marathon of Hope.

  6. When I was in the hospital I saw faces with the brave smiles and the ones who had given
    up smiling. Some had feelings of hopeful denial and some the feelings of despair. I am feeling happy because I would be set free from my cancer. I am sad for children that have
    cancer. I am going to run the Marathon of Hope to raise money for the fight against cancer.

  7. What I saw in the hospital weave kids and adults with smiles and sad faces. I saw sick people. I felt sad for the kids that had cancer. I had to do something. I will run a Marathon of Hope. I will run across Canada raise one dollar from each Canadian to help find a cure for cancer

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