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What did i accomplished this year

There are many things I accomplish this year.  When I went to French class and I asked my French teacher for help she said, “You are really improving in French class” and I was very happy.  This year, my biggest accomplishment is that I made the tickets for High School Musical and a lot of people said it is so good.  I am was so proud myself because for math I was doing Algebra from and I was doing a grade 7 textbook.  In this year when I wrote my page 3 for my report card in first term I said I was  going to go to homework club and the second term I said that same thing and I started to go there because I needed help. Homework club helped me improve my marks.


The meaning of empathy is you are stepping in another person shoe and feeling the same as the person.

When some is crying you could go to them and you could share there feeling that how there are feeling and make there feeling munch better.  When you hear the word empathy it sounds like you are being nice.  When someone dropped one of your stuff you don’t laugh at them you help them out.  If some one dropped your stuff how would you feel?  Happy or sad.  So you should help them out so people won’t laugh at them.  If you have a long hair and you don’t want the hair you could go donate it.  When you have small cloth that it won’t fit for you don’t have to throw it away so you could give it away.

Narrative Writing

Narrative Writing

Narration: To narrate means to tell a story. Narration has characters and a story line.

I am a black hole. I have a mom a dad and a sister. My next friend is close to the earth but I am somewhere near Pluto and my dad is in the next galaxy. From what humans know, we are the only five black holes in the whole universe but I don’t know if there are more of us. They say that in three years the sun will die then it might turn into a black hole but he’s not a part of my family tree. We have to show our respect to any newcomer holes but when we get too close together we die so we talk telepathically through galaxies. We see every thing in the universe. We can kill planets if we want. Why do you think there are no aliens? Next time we see a good-looking space ship we are taking it to a next galaxy with no survivors. We haven’t eaten a crunchy meal in a long time, around 70 million years actually. How do you think we feel not eating in such a long time? Not even light can escape our pull! You can die in a nana second. We control time and space. We can read your thoughts. We control your planet. We are way smarter than your so-called scientists. We are smarter than every one in the universe all together. Only three sources of energy can cause us to detonate: ourselves, another black hole and God.

school work done (look)

A man was robbed in Vaughan while carrying $100,000 in cash, York Regional police told CP24. The man was approached by five men in masks near Highway 7 and Highway 27 near 10 a.m. Tuesday. They intentionally pepper sprayed him and robbed him of his belongings. The location of the robbery was 111 Zenway Blvd while being surrounded by industrial and commercial buildings. The robbers escaped going west on Zenway Boulevard in a black Chevrolet Blazer with blacked-out license plates. Police consider them to be “armed and dangerous.” Witnesses who spot the vehicle are asked to call police immediately.
You should never walk around with that much cash.
-You could get robed
-You could lose it
-Its not smart
-You can put it on a credit card
-Put it in bank and write a check
-Have someone with you
-they maybe know that had it

Why would you walk around with $100,000 in cash?
-Going to bank
– Stupid
-Doing bad things
-Was not thinking
-Owed someone