The Gold Rush and The Cremation of Sam McGee

In order to prepare for The Cremation of Sam McGee by Robert Frost, watch the following videos.

When you have done that, go to this padlet site and post 6 things you’ve learned about the Gold Rush.




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  1. On Christmas day Sam McGee went to the Yukon to find gold. There it was very cold. If you closed the your eyes, then the lashes froze. Sam McGee did not like it there, because it was too cold. Sam McGee told his friend Cap “when I die please cremate my body I don’t want my body to get cold”. Then that next night Sam McGee died. Cap was afraid of the died body. He found an old boat to cremate Sam. He found some planks and some coal and then he put them in to the boiler. Cap stuffed Sam McGee in to the fire, then he run out the boat he felt not afraid of the died body. He ran back to check his friend’s body. When he opened the door he saw Sam McGee smile and say: “please close that door. Cap had gone crazy.

  2. Sam McGee went on a trip to go look for gold in the Yukon Territory. Sam McGee’s hometown is at Plumtree, down in Tennessee. He left his family to go to the Yukon Territory to look for gold and get rich. It was freezing cold there. By Law, people need to bring enough food for 1 year. They also brought animals. The animals that they brought were horses and sled dogs. The reason that they needed these animals was because at some point, in the Yukon Territory, they needed these animals for traveling. Many men and animals died because it was too cold and a hard journey. Sam’s last request to his traveling companion, Cap was that he swore that Cap would cremate Sam’s last remains. After Cap made the promise, he felt very scared and he did not like the promise at all. Soon Sam McGee died. Cap finally cremated Sam’s remains in a boiler that was on a boat called the ‘’Alice May’’ that was stuck in the ice of Lake Lebarge. Cap lifted Sam’s dead body up and threw him into the boiler and he couldn’t believe that he did that. He felt bad, but did what Sam asked him to. Then he looked into the boiler and he saw Sam talking. He said that it’s the first time I’ve ever been warm, since looking for gold.

  3. Sam McGee was from Plumtree, Tennessee. He went to the Frigid Arctic to find gold. He was one of 30,000 men who left their homes, jobs and families. Sam was the only one complaining about the cold and he said he wanted to go home to Plumtree Tennessee. Prospectors brought 200 pounds of bacon, 100 pounds of beans, and 400 pounds of flour, and plenty of food for the animals when they looked for gold. Men traveled 600 miles to the gold fields. Along the way, Sam McGee ask Cap to cremate his body when he died. Sam died in his sleep at night. cap’s dogs look spent because Sam’s body was getting heaver and more icy as they went along. Cap went nuts by looking at the dead body. Finally Cap cremated his body at Lake Lebarge, in a ship called Alice May. After Cap thought that Sam’s body had turned into ash, but when he look inside the boiler he heard Sam’s voice. This is how Sam McGee died.

  4. Sam McGee dies in his journey. Sam went to the gold rush for gold. He quit his job just to go find gold and he went with his friend, Cap. Sam died because of the cold. It was very freezing. You can feel your blood stop and you can’t feel anything in your hand. Sam told Cap when he dies, put him in a warm place. Cap kept his promise to Sam. Sam’s sled dog’s had no energy and they run out of food for the dogs. They are tired and they were going to die. Sam dug a hole under the snow to keep warm down there. Sam died in the snow and he tied him to the sled. Cap saw Sam in the hole. Cap cremated Sam in a boiler inside of a boat called Alice may. After a few hours of placing Sam’s body in the boiler, Cap got the courage to look inside and Cap start to talking to Sam McGee. Cap burned Sam to dust and Cap heard Sam talking to him. Sam told him to close the door the air is coming in or Cap gone crazy about Sam death. These are the reason how Sam McGee did and how he die.

  5. Sam McGee went to Yukon to find gold and he was cremated. Sam McGee lived in Plumtree with his family. Sam left his family just to find gold. He thought that he will be rich. The place he went to find gold in is called the Yukon. There were 30,000 men who left in one year and Sam McGee was one of them. The law stated that they have to bring one year worth of food, including 200 pounds of bacon, 100 pounds of beans and 400 pounds of flour to make bread. They took boats and pack houses. In some places it was 70 degrees below zero! That is very cold! If they blinked too long their eyes are going to freeze because it is very cold. On Christmas day we were marching their way to Dawson trail. Sam mc gee died when he was asleep and he told Cap to cremate him because he was not scared of dying he was scared of being frozen. So he did and Cap felt sad because he cremated his friend. One day during a storm he heard “Sam McGee, close the door you will let they storm in”. Cap freaked out.

  6. Dear Sam McGee is gone. He was looking for gold in the frigid arctic. He had a lot of gas and smelled really bad because of the 100 pounds of beans he had to bring with him. He also had to bring 200 pounds of bacon and 400 pounds of flour so they can make bread and others. He also had brought a lot of food for the dogs. The dogs had to carry 700 pounds or more of food and supplies. When Sam McGee was about to die, he ask his best friend Cap was told to cremate him after he died. The reason Sam asked Cap to cremate him was because he wanted to stay hot, not live all eternity in the freezing cold. The next day he died and his best friend went long and far to find a place where he could cremate him. The longer Cap stayed with Sam the more insane Cap got. One reason he got more insane was because he had no food, it was a hard journey and the lack of food. Then Cap found a boat frozen in Lake Lebarge. The bout was called the Alice May. So Cap found a boiler on the boat, got some coal and ripped some of the wood to put in the boiler. He lit up, threw Sam in and left him in there. The next hour he went in the boiler and he said “I saw him talk and smile”. Right when he said that I thought he was lying and just ate him or he went crazy. That is the story of Sam McGee.

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