The Price Of Lateness

Students shouldn’t pay $2 when they’re late. First it’s not fair for students that live far away from their school because they might have traffic, car crash, and stormy days so they will be late. Second there are also some students that can’t pay $2 when they’re late because they don’t have money to buy: food, clothing, school supplies, and shelter. If they don’t have enough food they won’t have any energy to walk to school. Third it’s not fair for parents that need to pay $2 because they’re not the student in school that are late. They are punishing the parents and not the students. Forth if the students are younger their parents are responsible for their kids. Some younger student eat slower than others so some student are late for school. Fifth most parents are working hard to get money and they need to pay $2 when they’re late for school, so parent are losing money when they are working for money because they need to pay money. Sixth some students might be bullied in school so they don’t want to go to school because the student might be scared of getting bullied everyday. This is why students shouldn’t pay $2 when they’re there late.

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