About my cat Racoona

I have a cat called Racoona. Racoona is my cat. Racoona was born November 11, 2005 which is Remembrance Day. She was born with two other cats Pumpkin Jr and Brownie. My mom named the cat Racoona Because of her fur patterns. Naiome had even more kittens so we had to give her and her new kittens away. At first Racoona didn’t care about boys but now when a guy comes in the house she smells them.  Sometimes she sits at the window and meows so other cats will come. One day Johanna, my Aunt who lives with me went out and came back with a cat she got from her friend. We already had Racoona, so when the cat (who is a boy) came in the house, Racoona just watched him. He ate some of Racoona’s food. My mom said we can’t keep him so we gave him to my next door neighbor. And that’s a little about my cat Racoona

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