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The first day of school I was happy when I went into the school. I was in HS.  I thought I was going to stay with the class all day but found out that Mr.Borges that I was in another class too. Then Mr. Borges and Mr. Lopez give my classmates and I locks for our new lockers. I never used a lock before and Mr.Borges taught us how to use a lock so I got to know how to use it.  Then I got to use a locker so I was excited. When I put my stuff In my locker then we got our schduedule. We have to move everwhere and go to classes in different places.

Okay, Your Turn

Okay Blog Squad, tell me what you think about our new home on the net.  What are your thoughts about what it looks like?  Are you looking forward to posting Blogs and/or Podcasts on our very own page?  Post your responses here on the Blog by signing in and going to the “Admin” section.  Click on the “Write” tab, and off you go!

Welcome To Our New and Improved Website!

I figured that with all the Blogging we’ve been doing over the past few years and our experimenting with Podcasting, we needed a cool place to show off just how talented all you are.  As I figure out what else we can use it for, I’ll make sure to keep you posted.  Can’t wait to get started!

Mr. B