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Summary Of Ghost Train

In the Ghost Train story, the dad wrote a note to his daughter to bring her painting stuff to Canada. When she arrived in Canada, she went to find her dad, but then she found out her dad had died. Then the dad come back to the girl in a dream and told her to find a train and paint it. The girl tried so hard to find the train, Then she went on it, After she painted the train the she went onto the train, and fell asleep. The girl had the dream again, and in the dream the painting that the she painted came alive. The dad was behind the girl is back and said “you did good”. Then they went on the train and in the back of the train there were a lot of man talking about their hopes and dream but they were ghost. That was the end of the Ghost Train story.

I predict that …

I predict that the old man will not kill the marlin because when the old man was yang he caught two fish and one if thim is a girl and the other is a boy but somehow  the boy fish escape. So i think the fish will not attack the old man and I think the old man will talk to the fish and let the marlin go. Then the marlin will come back with a lot of fish. Also the fish might bring the old man back to the land. That is what I predict.

Dear Readers

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