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Oh Canada

We should change the national anthem. It is important to change it because the old version of the national anthem only talks about the sons and if we change the old version of O canada into a new version, then everyone will be included, even the women’s. If we change the national anthem girls will feel better about themselves. They will feel a part of  Canada. That’s why we should change the national anthem.


We shouldn’t change the national anthem. We shouldn’t change the national anthem because it’s not easy to change symbols. People don’t want to change it because it cost a lot of money and the bill must be approved by members of parliament. A bill has to become law. Some people want to change it but it takes a long time. In the article that I read its says that the new version of national anthem took 30 years to change it. That is why we should change the national anthem.

The old man and the sea

we have been reading the old man in the sea by Ernest Hemingway. I predict that. the old man though that he cough the fish but the fish was just faking. then he wants to put the fish on the boat but then he realized that the boat was just too small. then the boat crack and then fish woke up and attack the old man then the old man die.


African American slavery

Slavery was a very terrible thing that happened in history. An enslave person is someone who is forced to do something for their owner. What is black slavery? Black slavery is a very horrible thing that happened in the new world. It started in 1518 and it ended on 1866 but it still affects Africans today because black slavery made Africans so poor.  First let’s talk about how the African were treated on the ship on the way over to the New World. One African ship can only had 454 people but the Europeans put 600 people in one ship .The Africans on the ship were so closely squeezed together they could hardly move. On the ship African didn’t have much food to eat like bean, rice, salted pork, and beef so many slaves got sick and died. Europeans threw slaves dead bodies into the ocean. Europeans branded slave’s skin with their owner’s name. What are the jobs that slaves do? Slaves had to do farming. Most only lived for 6 years because on the plantation there was too much work and they didn’t have enough food to eat. Slaves had to do cleaning and cooking for their owners and sometimes even look after the owners children. The black slaves tried to fight back but it didn’t work because the Europeans were so powerful. They had guns and other weapons. Black slavery was a very terrible thing that happened in history!  I’m glad it ended!