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Oh Canada


It is important to change the words of Oh Canada to include girls.  They should change Canadas national anthem because the anthem should include women so they wont be left out.  They have changed the words sons to “us.” The girls will have a lot of possibitiles like being a police officer and firefighters and the letter carriers and more jobs.  it is important to change the words of Oh Canada.


It is not important to change the words of Oh Canada.  They said that the bill must become a law but first it must be approved by (MPs). Then the bill moves to the Senate where it needs approval from the Senators.  Then it becomes law. They tried 12 times to change the national symbol but it all failed. It took a lot of time and they finally accepted it. It also cost a lot of money to do it and then they changed it.  This is why it is not important to change “Oh Canada”


Olympic Games


This is the Olympic games have been around for years.  The first Olympic Games were held in Olympia and Greece in ancient time. Then a Roman ruler ended the Olympic Games because he said that they were going against the Christian religion.  Then Pierre de Coubertin broght back the Olympic Games in 1896 He said that sports were good for everyone and he though that the Olympic Games would bring  countries together.  The first  summer Olympic Games was held in Athens and Greece in the 1896. The first winter Olympic Games was held at 1924.  This is the Olympic Games and this is when the Olympic Games was brought  back.