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Are School Uniforms a Good Idea?

School uniforms are not a good idea. Wearing uniforms is like wearing the same clothes everyday and that might be smelly. When you wear the uniforms you might be hot. The uniform will not fit me good and it can be tight. The uniform colour might be ugly. And that is why I don’t like the idea of school uniforms!

Thanksgiving Lunch

At school we had a Thanksgiving Lunch.  First I look at the grocery store flyers. We list the food that we need for the lunch. I learned the proper way to set a place setting. I made a place mat for the lunch. I cut four carrots. And I peel one carrots then I worst my hand and tidy up.  Today I put the stuffing on the plat. And I played air hokey on the room. And then I set up the table. It is lunch time I ate stuffing, turkey, carrots gravy, stove top pumpkin pie, cranberry and corn.