Why Do We Have To Change The Anthem Or Not Change The Anthem


Why should the anthem change? Many people had questions as to why there was only boys and why not girls in the anthem.  Parents were complaining about the anthem because there are other genders than sons . Daughters would want to be included in the Canada’s anthem and the daughters felt left out.  Why do womens and daughters sing the song if they are not included in the song? These are the reason why the anthem needed to change.


We shouldn’t change the anthem.  It isn’t easy to change the Canadian symbol.  A bill has to become law by debating whether if it to become law or not law.  Changing the O Canada takes a long time and it also costs a lot of money. Many people are used to singing the old O Canada.  Some boys might want to be more special than girls 😀 This is why it should not change.

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