My weekends

After school I want to buy McDonald’s for us to eat after I went home after when I am done I did my homework after when I am done    my home after I went to play my ipad for a while then I take a bath then I watch my ipad on YouTube then I went to sleep the next day I went out to eat dinner but I was not hungry but I still eat after when we are done eating I went home to play on my ipad me and Tiffany play some game together we were fighting what game to play but my  sister won so played that game when we are done playing that game than I get to play my game after that my sister went to take a bath so I play a game without her when she done taking a bath then I take a bath my sister play on my ipad without telling me when I was done taking a bath I saw Tiffany play on my ipad then we play some games after that we went to sleep.

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