In My Summer

I have a fun time.  In my summer I went to wonderland first went to the water so I went to the water side to have fun than I went to the lazy I forgot the name and I went in it I just sit back and do nothing the water moves the boat thing.  I want to some rides than I went home.  I went to centre island and it was so fun I went with my mom friends and son,Crystal I don’t know the son name I know the girl name.  We went to centre island we went to the log it was so fun and a little scarey.  When it was over we went to the hunted house my sister Tiffany and my mom son went there it was so scarey for really if you go there you will be so scare but it was so fun in there it spin so fast it feel like you are going to fall out and it will go higher and show you a face to make you more scareyer. That is my summer but it was so fun

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