My New Life As A PC

Hi guys I’m doing well.  My life is not what a normal desktop goes though.  My owner is a poor college student that want’s the best of everything.  He borrowed a 100, 000, 00 dollar loan because he needs it for college, food, rent and me.  I have so much power.  I know everything that he does because I write everything he does on something called notes on my side of the 100 terabytes of storage.  I have too much digital storage.  There is 20 of five terabytes of storage and I get 5 because I don’t like him and where do I keep my stuff that I can’t tell you because you might tell him and I’m using one of his Facebook account that he never uses for some reason.  One day I was really mad at my owner.  He got in big trouble because he is too much in debt.  The bank will not give him more money.  He pays rent a year at a time.  So we can here for 6 more months because he pays his rent 6 months ago at that time.  I’ve got a plan.  I don’t want to tell you his name, so I will call him College Student.  Collage Student will have to get a better job.  There is a job that requires the College Student to make computers for people.  He made me in 5 hours, so I know he could do it.  He will work in a whole house that is not far from his school.  I send a fake message to him as the manager to call the phone number to get the job.  He called and got the job and need to work every day but the day he has classes.  He got a promotion because he made 6 in one day.  Now he earns 300 dollars a day.  Two years later, he is out of college and not in dept.  He quit his job and had a job as what he riley want to be and I got an upgrade to be a slightly better computer.




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