Looking At the Avenue of Poplars in Autumn

The painting I chose was Avenue of Poplars in Autumn and it is by Vincent Van Gogh.  The painting is painted in the Autumn months.  I know this because there is autumn in the name and the leaves are greenish, red, yellow and orange.    The leafs are on the dirt.  The house in the painting is not that detailed.  There is a person walking towards the painter.  It looks like an abandoned train track crossing the dirt path.  There is a lot of orange, red and a bit of green.  The path is brown and the sky is gray.  The whole painting is sad because the person looks lonely.  The sky is sad because it is gray.  It looks like the house is alive and it looks sad.  I wish it could be happier like it is summer and the person is enjoying his walk and not looking like the grim reaper.  I also what the house to be more detailed and more like a country house.  That is what I see in this painting.

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