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The painting I chose is “Morning at Antibes”’ by Claude Monet. The first thing I see is a big tree beside the a pond. When the big tree is beside the pond it looks pretty. Second it looks like morning and the sun is rising. When it is rising the color is so beautiful. Third you can see a the view the view of a far away city. When you look at the city far away, you can see the sun and the city together and it is beautiful. Fourth it is a little windy. When   there is a little wind you can feel very calm. Fifth is the view. The view is a fall day because  the leaf are yellow. When Monet paint the tree with yellow and green the colour make it look very like the real tree. Six there are some color that Monet can use to painting with. There are some cold colour that you can us and that is blue, green, and violet. There are some warm that you can use too and that is colour red-orange, red, and brown. This is the colour that Monet can use. Seven is the painting. The painting make the people feel calm and relax because the leaf is movis with the wind and when you are looking at the sky you can see the leaf flying into the sky and you will feel like you are flying too. The sky have different colour and it is so beautiful. Eight is I like the painting because when you are far away from the city you can see though city and it and you can see the beautiful view.   This is why I chose “Morning at Antibes”.

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