Looking At Arts

The painting I chose is “Le Pont d’Argenteuil” by Claude Monet. First this painting is interesting because took place at Argenteuil because it’s in the title of this painting. Second there is a small bridge that people can walk on to go to the other side. Third behind the small bridge there are a lot of trees, like it’s a forest. Forth in front of the trees there are 3 house for people to live in or to rest in. Fifth there is also 3 boats floating on water to let people put heavy things on the boat to make it easier to go to the other side. The artist painted in a interesting way. The sky looks amazing because I like how they used light blue and not dark blue to show that the painting is in the summer. It shows the beautiful colours. Most parts of this painting is straight and curved, like the water part of the painting looks bumpy because it looks like the painter puted a lot of layers of paint. In the painting they also used warm and cool colours. I feel happy at this painting because they used bright and dark colour on the painting to show more of the colours on the painting. I like this painting because this painting looks like it’s in the summer where other people can go on a vacation to. This is the reason why I chose this painting.

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