Mr. Maxwell’s Mouse

he mouse in the story is rude, smart and nice.   The mouse talked to the cat because the mouse didn’t  want to eaten by the cat. So the mouse told the cat to put some salt and pepper on him.That is smart because it wastes the cats time. The mouse knew a lot about wine. The mouse is smart because he knows a lot of wines and so the mouse is wasting time so he doesn’t  get eaten by the cat.  The mouse was nice in the first place because he talked  in a nice way to the cat. At the end the story the mouse was rude because he was mean to the cat. The mouse took the cat’s tail and put on the plate because the mouse wanted the cat to cut his own tail.  The mouse talked about his dear mother and father and all his brothers and sisters and the cat felt sad for the mouse.That makes the mouse smart. That’s why, The mouse in the story is rude, smart and nice.

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