It was fun at Scarborough Outdoor Education School.  On day one I went to school with my dad.  We packed the bus.  I brought suitcases, some money, two jackets and more.  The students and the teachers that are going on the trip went on the bus.  The bus started to drive to S.O.E.S.  When we are on the 401 also known as the highway of heros, we watched Zoo Topia.  After that we watched Big Hero 6.  We watched a little of it.  After that we went to Wendy’s.  I bought two Baconators, two cokes, one Baconators Poutine and some Large Fries.  I ate most of it.  I got on the bus and we continued the trip to Scarborough Outdoor Education School.  We continued are trip to Kearney.  Once we are on the highway in Huntsville Canada, we continued Big Hero 6.  Once we were at Scarborough Outdoor Education School, we did some off roading on the bus.  Once we got off the bus we unpacked the bus.  They let me use a water bottle, hat and a backpack.  We explore Scarborough Outdoor Education School.  After that we had dinner in the Lodge.  We had caesar salad and garlic bread for the appetizer.  For the main course we had pasta with meat sauce.  For dessert we had golden brownies with chocolate chips.  After dinner we went outside to do some activities.  After that  we went to the dining room to do some work that I need to do in the other class work.  Then we had snack.  For snack we had croissants and cinnamon buns.  After I was done, I played the game of life.  I was 2 end.  I have about 2.6 million dollars.  After we count the money we got ready for bed.  Are teacher reid a story before bed.  Then I went to sleep.  At about 11 I woke up for wash room.  Then I went back to sleep.  That was a fun day at Scarborough Outdoor Education School.

This is what happened on day two.  My day started at 1:00 am.  I went to the wash room.  Then I went back to bed.  We talked about who will win the election for president and what will they do if they are president in the USA.  I went back to bed to sleep.  At 6:30am I woke up because the teacher woke me up.  I brushed my teeth and I forgot to wash my face.  I got dressed in my green shirt with a bear on it and my black/grey pants.  We went downstairs to have breakfast, for breakfast we had cereal and a bacon/sausages breakfast sandwich with a egg and some american cheese.  We went back to are rooms to hang out.  After that we went to the Moose Room to learn about maps.  After we learned about maps, we had to find all of the red/white signs that have a stamp to stamp on a piece of paper so the staff know if you found all of it.  After that we counted the dots to see how much point we have.  No one won.  Then we had lunch we had BLTs, watermelon and soup.  I did not have soup.  I do not like soup.  I substituted soup with milk.  After lunch we went to the moose room to talk about Biodiversity.  After that we talked about how we play and what the rules are.  After played that, we had to run two laps around the pond and carey wood to the fireplace to lit a fire.  After we did that, we had free time!  I went to the dead tree that some one cut.  I climbed it to sit on it.  I waited on it until free time was over.  After free time, we had dinner.  We had Cajun Chicken, veggies, mashed potato and apple turnovers.  We went to the moose room after dinner.  We went to the moose room to learn about wolves and wolf packs.  Then we went to Look Out Hill to howl to the wolfs. They did not howl back.  We went back to do some work from the other class.  Then we all have a cookie or a muffin.  We can take a bath if we want to.  I did not want to take a bath.  Then we got ready for bed.  Are room played Monopoly and we went to sleep.  And that was what happened on day 2.

Day three was a good day.  I started the day at 3:00 am.  I went to the wash room and went back to sleep.  At 6:00 are teacher woke us up.  We played a game of Would You Rather.  It was wired.  I got dressed in me green shirt with a bear on it and a snowpants.  I brushed my teeth and I forgot to wash my face again.  We went down to have breakfast.  We had cereal, homefries, scrambled eggs and fruit.  We went to the Moose Room to wait for a teacher to start a hike.  My leg hurted because my boots are too small.  We stopped at the sugar shack.  We learned about what a sugar shack works and what it is for.  A sugar shack is for making maple syrup.  We continued hiking.  On the way, we saw farting mushrooms.  We climbed up 10 hills and went down 10 hills.  After our first hike, we had lunch outside.  I ate a hot dog with relish, ketchup and mustard.  We started are second hike I walked few hundred metres and my feet still hurt.  So a guy picked me up in his off road vehicle.  We went to the lodge.  I took of my snow pants and my boots.  I worked on the other class work.  Then I played on some games.  Then every body came back to have dinner.  For dinner we had fish and chips and ice cream sandwich.  We hanged out at the lodge dining room.  We listen to a person playing Closer on the garter.  We also played Monopoly.  And that was day 3.

This is day 4.  This day is the last day.  I got ready to leave.  We packed up everything.  I brushed my teeth and I forgot to wash my face again.  I got dressed.  We put our stuff outside because our bus was coming.  We had breakfast.  We had bacon, french toast and fruit.  After we ate, we had free time.  I climbed on the rocks.  Then the tree.  I failed climbing a rock.  We went around two medium parachutes.  We threw each other up with a parachute.  We went in, we had to push each other out the ring like sumo.  We played another game.  We had to catch the stick when the teacher drops it.  After we played the games, we went to the lodge to have lunch.  We had chilli, fruit and cookies.

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