My Blog Of The Week

Well to start off my week on Monday it was kind of ok until I woke up and my mom was coming to school with me to talk to my teacher and the new vice principal.  She is nice but when me and my mom walked into the office she was like my step mom.  My mom and the vice principal where like best friends. They understood my problem.  The only thing was that I was not listing or doing my work that I was suppose to be doing in class.

But on Tuesday I was on fire!  I did two pages of math in two and a half periods.  When I was done I got 3 minutes of free time.  I was kind of happy that I got to have free time on the computer without the teacher telling me to close it.  That was like this second hardest I ever worked in my whole life.

On Wednesday I was nice for half the day, then I flipped on my gym teacher but everything went well.

On Thursday I did not know what I was doing.  I just went crazy on my music and English teacher.  I was in the office for most of the day.  But at lunch time I went to help out my family studies teacher.  I’m getting an 80% in that class. Maybe Family Studies and Math are the only two subjects I like and I am good at.

Today is Friday.  I was here doing this blog for one period straight and now I was just told I have to have this blog done in the next 15 minutes.  Today after school I am going to the big mall in the area with my friends.

On Saturday I might chill the block and go to my friend’s house.

On Sunday I will play on the computer and see my friends at the movies to chill and play games.  They will watch a movie but I don’t know what it is called.  They said it is a good movie.

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