Me moving to a new school

Every year I always have to move to a different school. So I didn’t get to have many friends because every time I got close to them I always ended up leaving. Every time I lift I had to pack up my stuff say bye to my friends and my house and leave. Then when I get to the house I had to adjusts to the now house and the school. When I got to grade 5 I got bet up the first week or school so then I was out over school for the whole September and the first week of October. Then I got put in to a new school and the teacher thought I was giving her dirty looks because the way my eyes are but I wasn’t. So I kept getting in trouble because she thought I was giving her dirty looks. Then I got mad and I had to leave.  At the school I am now, I have friends and I got to stay here for 2 years. But next year I will be moving again to Montréal so I would have to make now friends again. So as you can see it’s hard moving to new schools every year, but staying in one place like this school makes things a lot easier.

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