I Turn In Invisible

One day I went outside and there is people selling juice box and I walk to  them and I buy the juiced box and I went home and I drink the juice box. I saw the back of the juice box and it said this juice box is in invisible so I went to the mirror and I turn invisible. I don’t like being in invisible because when you turn in invisible people will not see you and you will feel lonely and your friends will not see you and no one will play and talk to you with you because you are invisible. If you are invisible you will not turn back and you will be invisible forever. The good think being in invisible is when you go to the mall you don’t have to pay money because you are in invisible and you don’t have to do homework.

I Am Invisible Or Dead

I am invisible or am i dead.  Chapter one the day he become invisible.  One day there was a boy call Benson but at school his class want to a field trip to the lad, the lad is call smart tom lad but Benson drank some green water and when Benson want back Benson because invisible. Chapter two is Benson dead or alive. When Benson go to the bathroom Benson look at the marry AHHHHH I AM A GHOST I AM DEAD said Benson, he want to look at his mom she was asleep and Benson want to school. Chapter three calling Benson mom.  When Benson got to the school, where is Benson is he late said the teacher, then the teacher call Benson mom, hallo said the mom hi your son is late do you know where is he said the teacher, no i don’t know where is he, hemant be coming to school now said the mom. Chapter four the ghost.  When the teacher is done calling Benson mom, Benson use the whiteboard it said i am right here i am not gone, then all the kid said to a ghost it want to eat us RUN AWAY FROM IT AHHHHHHHHHH but all the kid ran as far as they can but Benson was sad when school is over Benson want back home then he went to sleep when he wake up Benson want to the bathroom then he is not a ghost or invisible and Benson was very happy YAY I AM NOT A GHOST.  End of the story.  Did you like that story did you chose one yes or no.

How did Benson become ghost or invisible

Do i you how did benson become a ghost or invisible Benson become invisible by drinking the green water.

I Am Invisible Be Cause Something Happens

 If i became invisible it is hard because if you walk on the road they can’t see you and the car will kill  you. If  i am invisible and people will not see you because  you will be like a gost  and like haunting people.  Will i am invisible it is really hard be cause if you go to a store and buy some suff it will flout and  people in the store they will scream.  if i am invisible it is ceepy be cause you can not see your own self and if you go to some one house it is hard  and they can not see you.  If i am invisible it is sarcy be cause if  you say something to someone it well make them run away and they  will get  saced too but if everyone run away you won’t have any friends to play with. If i am invisible it will be by your safe and lonely too.  If i am invisible it will be not safe be cause you could get kill by a car and the bike be cause you could get ran over. If i am invisible i will ride a bike but if you ride it and if your invisible it will be like the bike riding its safe and eveyone would run away.

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