The old man and the sea

we have been reading the old man in the sea by Ernest Hemingway. I predict that. the old man though that he cough the fish but the fish was just faking. then he wants to put the fish on the boat but then he realized that the boat was just too small. then the boat crack and then fish woke up and attack the old man then the old man die.


The Old Man And The Sea

We have been reading ” The Old Man And The Sea” by Ernest Hemmingway. I predict that the old man doesn’t die but the marlin dies and the old man is going to sell the big marlin. After the marlin is dead  he is going to write books of what he saw in the sea. Then the old man will become famous and he will have a good life. Also the boys parent’s let the boy to fish with the old man. This is my prediction of what will happen in the end.

The old man and the sea

We have been reading The Old Man and the sea by Ernest Hemmingway. I Predict that. The old man give the big fish some tuna and the fish was beside the boat and the fish said hop on my back and we are going to ride back home and the fish and the old man went home the man got so money and the old man feel sad because the fish died then  the old man cook the fish up and eat it and relax.

My Weekend

After school my mom and dad pick me up when I got home I did my homework than I watch YouTube after when I got bored watching YouTube I went to take a bath then I went sleep on the next day I went to Jeremy house because it was his birthday we play roblox together then we eat lunch after lunch we eaten the cake it was good after when I went home, I went to another birthday party so when I got there I played with my friend then I eat dinner after that I went home and I went to sleep that was my weekend.

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