My Weekend

On my weekend I take care of my sister every saturday because my mom have to do housework. I watch tv with my sister and play together. I feed my sister. She’s sometime is lazy. I have to give her my phone or else she won’t eat her food. I cook rice and eggs for my brother and my sister. On Sunday I went to my classmate house to do the cooking show.

My weekend is so boring.  On Saturday I went with my grandmom to kiku it a sushi store after we are done eating sushis we went to our grandmom house and play with my cousin than we eat after when we are done eating we went home than I want to sleep the next day it was Sunday I ate breakfast than I did some home when I’m done my homework I went to get some food after when I’m done eating I play on my iPad first I play monster legend after I’m done with that game I play rob.ox after that I watch YouTube after when I’m done watching I ate dinner after that I went to sleep.  That was the end of my weekends I tell you it was so boring.

I Turn In Invisible

One day I went outside and there is people selling juice box and I walk to  them and I buy the juiced box and I went home and I drink the juice box. I saw the back of the juice box and it said this juice box is in invisible so I went to the mirror and I turn invisible. I don’t like being in invisible because when you turn in invisible people will not see you and you will feel lonely and your friends will not see you and no one will play and talk to you with you because you are invisible. If you are invisible you will not turn back and you will be invisible forever. The good think being in invisible is when you go to the mall you don’t have to pay money because you are in invisible and you don’t have to do homework.

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