Thing I Like To Do


I choose a paint brush to represent art. There are many reason why i choose art. First, I choose art because art is fun. It is fun because you can do anything to the art and make it beautiful. Second, you can make anything for example, you can make animal, you can draw a bedroom and then you can paint it. Finley, if you go to art class the art that you learn you can use it in school because school also do art too so you can use it in school it will help you get better mark. That is why i choose art.


Track and Field

I choose some ribbon to represent track and field. There is some reason why I choose Track and Field. First, track and field help you exercise and be healthy. It is healthy because track and field have some running events and it help you with health. Second,  track and field help you know if you are good at and you can present your school and go to Birchmount. Finally, the last reason is you get to push yourself to do something new. If you did not do track and field then it is new for some people so they might be scared or excited. When they do track and field they think they can do some event and when they will try their best and then they will be proud of you. That’s why i choose track and field.

My weekend

On my weekend I take care of my sister every saturday because my mom goes to work. I watch tv with my sister and play together. I feed my sister. She’s sometime is lazy. I have to give her my phone or else she won’t eat her food. I cook rice and eggs for my brother and my sister. My brother is lazy because he always play on the computer so I have to do everything. I have to do house cleaning.

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