The Most Important Part of the story

The most important part of the story called Coolies is when the brothers worked hard all day long. It is important because they earned money so their family could survive.Most of Chinese people went to America because they disagreed with the Chinese government and there was rebellions. This made them poor. This  part of the story where workers were building the railway shows that the work wasn’t easy for them. They had to hold a sledgehammer all day and they didn’t get paid much. It was also unsafe because they lived in drafty tents, they had to put dynamite in the mountain, and in the winter they wore the same things as summer. This is why the most important part of the story is when brothers worked hard.


The soup my mom spill. So my mom was going to pour soup in the bowlbut insead of the bowl she pour it on the table by excident. Then some of the soup poured on me it burns a bite but the soup taste awsome. This is the short story of my soup.

The old man and the sea ending

We have been reading ” The old man and the sea” by  ernest Hemingway. I predict that the old man might die because he was to tired and also he was out in the sea for 4 days. The old man also do not have a lot of food and water, the sea water is salt so he can not drink it. Another reason is he do not have a lot of sleep and if he do not have a lot of sleep then he do not have a lot of energy.

I predict that …

I predict that the old man will not kill the marlin because when the old man was yang he caught two fish and one if thim is a girl and the other is a boy but somehow  the boy fish escape. So i think the fish will not attack the old man and I think the old man will talk to the fish and let the marlin go. Then the marlin will come back with a lot of fish. Also the fish might bring the old man back to the land. That is what I predict.

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