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I am going to high school next year.  In high school I am going to take applied for English and Math. I am going to meet a lot of new friends in high school. A lot of people from our school are going to my high school. I really want to go to high school and learn new subjects and meet new teachers. I think that I am taking academic are Science, history, French, gym, health, and computers. The high school has a big cafeteria and a huge gym. The gym is double of the size of our gym. My favorite subject is sciences I wish that in high school we can do some experiment. I love gym too.  My favorite sport is swimming, and badminton.

What Happening with Toronto Raptors?

What’s happening with Toronto? They had 5 TRYS OR MORE to get into the playoffs and they are losing to teams that are just FLAT-out bad! If they expect to get into the playoffs they have to score at the basket and have to put the ball in the net with pride. They got Shane Matron from the Heat and they’re still not using him to their full advantage.  Their standings are 23 wins and 37 losses.  Even the Maple Leafs are doing better than the Raptors. What is with their defense?! It’s just weak.  It’s like they just give up in every game they play, even against EASY TEAMS. The Raptors lost against the Knicks, Suns, Mavericks and the Houston Rockets. How do they lose to these teams?  Especially when the Suns don’t have Steve Nash and the Rockets are without T Mac? I’m a fan of Bosh but if he doesn’t do anything I think they might just have to TRADE him! EVERYONE IS EXPECTING THE TORONTO RAPTORS TO MAKE THE PLAYOFF! I gave up on Toronto and many other fans gave up on the Raptors too.

my feelings and things i like

I like a lot of things, but mostly I like games. Games are fun to play especially when you are playing with someone. That’s why I play online games. You meet new people and play with them and some times they teach you some thing. I like when people teach me tricks on how to play a game. It tells me they are a good friend and like to help people. But some times on games u will get mad. I like mostly computer games but some times I play on my systems and go on go out side play with my friends of chill, but most time I go to the program and chill there. I like my friends they are ok but I mostly have 3 friends that I really know and hang out with a lot but the other people I know are just regular people to me because I think they are weird or want to be my friend because I am nice to people but I don’t like to much people, they mostly come to me and say hi then ask for help then ask my name but even when I am mean they still want help.

War in Sri La

The war in the Sri Lanka is very bad.  Almost 100000 people died in Sri Lankan or no food or clean water.  There are two sides.  Tamils and Sri Lankans.  In Canada there are many people who protested at Dundas Square in Toronto.  There are 250,000 Sir Lankan stuck in the war zone and more than 300 people have been killed in the latest fighting.  There are people in Canada whose family are trapped in the Sri Lanka war zone.

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