Our New Student

Monday October 6 2008 a new student came to our class.  He does not know how to speak English but he understands a little.  At lunch my teacher had lunch duty so I asked if I could take the new student to my table so he could have someone to sit with.  When we were finished, I asked if I could take him outside to play with people.  He was watching some kids play basketball and looked like he wanted to play too.  We went to the ball court and found people who let us play ball with them.  So then we were playing and he had a fun time playing with everyone.  When the bell rang we came inside and I brought him back up to the classroom.  In the afternoon, we helped him get on a website so he can learn things and have fun as well.  We all had a good day.

Confessions of a Habitually Late Student

I have a confession. I am a habitually late student. That means I’m late…a lot. Today I was late again and my principal told me that I had to write an essay and tell why being on time is a good idea. I remember last year we had to do a debate about school high schools starting later. I argued that it was not a good idea because more kids would be late for school because they would leave home and go to friend’s house or the mall or something like that before school started. Usually, you wake up, shower, brush your teeth and hair, then eat breakfast. If you wake up late, then you don’t have time to do that. If you wake up early and have extra time, you can wake up your family, watch TV, play games on the computer or do something else. It means you have 20 or 30 minutes more before schools starts. If you wake up early, you have more time and then you will not be late for school. Being on time for school is very important because then you can learn more and note walk in late to class.

My first day at my new school !!!!!

September 2nd, 2008 was my first day at anew school. That’s when I met Mr.Borges and Mr.Lopez who are my teachers. All the students met outside went inside to see the class- room We talked about the rules at the school. We then had an assembly the and new principal talked about the school, the safety rule here at my new school, about uniform rules and about our community. After he finished, we went back to the classroom and we learned how to open our combination lock We each got our own locker. Then it was lunchtime and after we finished eating, I played with my friends. Later I went back to my class and we did a multiple intelligent assessment to see what our intelligents are. I had fun at my new school because we get our own locker and it has security cameras around the school and it a safe school to come to study and learn. That’s how my first day went.

My Blog About The First Week Of School

The last few weeks of school have been fun. On the first week of school we had harmony week, where we did a whole bunch of cool things. We did activities such as sports day were it was sports for the whole morning and scavenger hunts and a lot more. Last week we did lots of activities in honor of Terry Fox. We raised money for cancer research and just guess how much we made?!! Okay, I’ll just tell you: over one thousand ^-^. Our school also had hat day were we were allowed to wear a hat for the whole day and a causal day were we didn’t have to wear a uniform. Of course we had to pay money to have those things, but the money went to a good cause. On this past Friday we had our first P.A day were we didn’t go to school. On that day the teachers meets or some thing like that, sucks to be them. These last few weeks had been fun so far at school in grade 8.

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