Dress Codes Are Stupid

We go to a uniformed school and this is my argument against the dress code.

Why should kids wear uniforms?  That is so dumb.  What is the point of everybody wearing the same thing as everybody else and all your friends looking exactly like you?  Our whole school hates wearing uniform, even the students who you would think wouldn’t mind it.  There is no need for any type of dress code whatsoever because it makes kids feel like they’re being controlled and being told what to wear and how to wear it. 

Teachers have control over their students and get to tell them what to do anyway so its not fair if the get to have their say in what students wear.  The thing I hate the most about this is the excuse that when you ask the principal why we have to wear uniforms, it is always the same stupid line, “You have to wear uniform so everybody can be equal and it is for your safety”.  This argument is kind of silly because the students are more upset because they have to were uniform and may start taking it out on eachother.  That isnt’ safe, it’s the exact opposite.  Sometimes the dress code system does not make sense because if they say there looking out for our safety, then we should not have casual days where we can wear whatever we want.  They should be ban. 

Another reason school dress codes are stupid is that there is many styles of clothing in this world and there is many different groups of clothing.  People always say that Canada is the most multicultural place in the world, but how are the kids at a school going to be able to express themselves and educate people about their culture if they can’t wear their own stlyes of clothes?  Teachers will always try to make every student equal because I always hear the saying if everybody in the world looked a like it would be the most boring universe. 

Dress codes are really unnecessary because the way the whole dress code is put together doesn’t work.  We already have to sit and learn for six to eight hours and we barley get breaks and this is O.K.  But uniforms are too much and it is the meanest thing the teachers and school staff can do to us students.  Many of the students of my school think this and it’s not just me.  I hope you take this to hart.

B.J.’s Blog Post

This page is very beautiful and very unique.  I like the bird on the front page and all the other stuff to like the writing and the different departments.  I especially like the podcast that you and your class (including me) put together.  It sounded very beautiful and your page it the best one ever. 

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