Political crisis in Canada


Do you think you should have a Harper government. This parliament can’t work with this prime minister. Harper shows no confidence in Canada and the people. The people are getting tired of the crisis. Harper will lose his seat in the parliament. Harper doesn’t tell the truth. I hate that. Canada is so unforgiving of harpers lies he knows he is lying. The economy is drooping big time this is not the time for the party’s to be fighting. He has been tacking no interest in Canada and the Canada’s. Thousand of people are workers that are not getting there insurance money. Jack Layton say that Harper just what’s to save his job but leave Canada’s on the way of losing all the job. Jack Layton says that Harper doesn’t what to resolve the economy. If Stephan makes it he would be the 23 president of Canada. Harper took the strike away from the workers; he denuded equipment, to way the founding from the party’s. Conservatives send a message on the television networks that send it is unconditional and saying it is not good for the country conservation taped the NDP and block to the media during the the week end. Stephan dion will be a perfect fit for the big seat. Who will lead the government in Canada? Coalitions are going to make a difference in Oshawa. Harper and his crow better sort out his garbage. Michaelle jean was born in Haiti and emigrated to Canada 1968. She was a former journalist, documentary film-maker. She speaks five languages French, English, Italian, Spanish, and Creole. Prime minister is to speak to Michaelle jean about suspending the parliament until January this morning on December 4/08. Our government general was in Europe, Slovenia for a trip she is to help the problem in the parliament building. Harper is saying that Canada should pick their group to lead Canada. Two political parties sighted a historical agreed to defeating Harper and his people. Dion is stepping down. Advisory document that the Canada Parliament people didn’t know about. They say it was fabricated Ms. Michaelle jean, Mr. Roven and others. Some people in Canada are watching Obama and his decisions. Harper should not be worry about his job he should be worrying about getting job for the Canada’s

Royal Winter Fair!!!!!!!

On November14th 2008 my school went to the Royal Winter Fair. My favourite part when my friend and I went inside the jeep and other cars. Then we went to see the animals. First we went to see the cows and we saw Mr. Evans, one of our teachers looking at the cows.  I think Mr. Evans wanted to take cows home but he would need a big truck.  After we went to see the sheep and my friend started to make sheep sounds and I think the sheep was mad at my friend.  Later we went for attendance and had lunch.  We hopped on a truck and we saw truck parts. Next we went to the dog show and we saw the dogs jumping over and thruogh things Then we saw dogs dancing with their owner and racing.  After my friends and I went to buy coke. Later, our teacher made us line up with our partner and we went on the bus. When we got to school, we talked about the trip and the fun we had.  When the bell rang, we went home.

On my birthday

On my birthday, my friends took me to the mall. We planned go and see a movie called Twilight but two of my friends didn’t want to see that movie because they wanted to see Madagascar 2. There were only the two of them that wanted to see Madagascar 2 but they didn’t end up seeing it because we voted and only the two of them raised their hands.  Everyone else voted for Twilight so we won and went to see that movie. When we went to see the movie, we were kind a late and we got the worst seats EVER! We have to sit at the bottom of the seat and it was really hard to see. Anyways during the movie we saw two of our other friends.  It was really funny during the movie because my friends were making a lot of noise like “Awww” every time the people in the movie were kissing and stuff. When we finished the movie we went out of the movie theatre and walked around the mall. Fist we went to the Foot Locker and I bought a cool pair of shoes and then all of us bought T-shirts for only like 3 dollars each. And then we went to the dollar store and bought a drink for only a dollar. When it was late, like 6pm, we got separated from each other until my friend’s sister came to pick us up and we had to look for the other two. And that was the only bad thing happened on my birthday.

Our Artifact and Paper Bag Assignment

In our class we did an assignment. For this assignment we had to choose five artifacts. For me I felt that choosing an artifacts was not really hard and not really easy. We also had to write paragraphs about why you had those artifacts and other details. We were given a bag to hold our artifacts, and we could also decorate the bag on the outside. For this assignment we had to bring in a minimium of two or three objects instead of pictures, so in my experience it was very difficult to bring in the artifacts because it damaged my bag. I felt that doing the paragraphs was moderatly easy. About two weeks after we were given the assignment, we had to present two artifacts to the class.  I thought that presenting was a little bit hard because I had to make eye contact at the same time to the class and looking at my two paragraphs. This is what we did and how I expierienced this assignment.

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