Suicide in the Trenches

I found a poem that is called “Suicide in the Trenches”. It is about war and the horrible things people have to go through. It discusses how some people can’t deal with these things and end up ending their lives. It reminds people who don’t go to war that war is not a good thing and is very hard for the people who go through it.

The poem is about a young man enjoying life. He was contented and he didn’t have a care in the world. But then the First World War happened and his whole life changed life.  It was very hard for him and he was very miserable because the conditions he had to live in as a soldier were very hard.  Just to make it though the day, he had to drink dirty water and he was eaten alive by lice in the trenches.  The situation was unbearable. He had to hide in the trenches all the time and bombs were going off all around them.  Finally he couldn’t take it anymore and decided to ended his life instead. The last part of the poem has a warning to all people who cheered for the solders return form war. It says that you hope you never have to experience war and how it is like hell is going on all around them.


Every year since I was born my family and I always go on a vacation. But where do we go every year?  We go to a place called Niagara Falls. Niagara Falls is a great place to be because they have a lot of activities and rides to go on like the Movies Theatre that has moving chairs, a museum that you can see stuff about the tallest man in the world and more. Niagara Falls is so good that if you wanted to stay there, you could because they have hotels that you can sleep in. But now they have a now place in there called the Great Wolf Lodge and every one is trying to go that when you try to book an reservation, they tell you that they’re all booked up until next year September. Not only is it a indoor water park but it’s a hotel as well. My family and I go to Niagara Falls every year cause there really isn’t enough time for everyone to have quality time together so we always make sure on the day we go to Niagara Falls that no one has anything to do. So that is why we go to Niagara Falls every year.

What Animal I like

If  you  guys  want  to know  what  animal,  I  like it  is   puppies.  I like them  because  they’re  really  cute.  Puppies are  really  smart because  in  the dark  they  can  see a  ghost  or  other  kinds  of  stuff.  Sometimes puppies can be active because they catch baseballs properly.  Sometimes  puppies are not trained well and some of them try to run away from their leash.  But mostly dogs   are really smart.  When it comes to  their  food, they’re really sure about that and they’re really messy too when they’re eating .

Blog of the week

This weekend I got a new game I got a new game for my PS3.  I found out that the closer you get to the boss the harder it gets.  Good news:  I unlocked 150 mirrored on my Mario cart DS game.  It was very hard but I got 1 more place to unlock.  It takes awhile to do it. Def Jam Icon is like the funniest and hardest game I ever played, but it is only hard when I play it on “story mode”.  It is easy if you are playing with people online.  It is way easier than story mode for me.  Some of my favourite characters are Sticky Fingers and Young Jesse and T.I. as well as the person I made on the game. They are cool to use and fun. Sometimes it gets really hard to fight because you have to use other people before you get to use the person you made in “story mode”.

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