The Great King TUT!

King Tut was Born in 1341 B.C. and his Birthplace was in Egypt. In 1323B.C king tut died. He was the best king in Egypt. King Tut was the best known Ancient Egyptian ruler and the most famous 20th-century mummy ever since his fabulous tomb and breathtaking treasures were discovered by Howard Carter.

The Curse of King Tut is still alive in Ancient Egypt. The people who opened the tomb all died mysteriously. The Curse of King Tut might have been because of the poisons in the air that were protected in the tomb which wasn’t opened for thousands of years. The legend says that anyone who dared to open the tomb would suffer the wrath of the mummy because mummies have been associated with many magical powers throughout history. Some of the mummies found from Egypt were ground into a fine powder and sold as mystical mummy powder. The poisons were used as protection devices by the Ancient Egyptians. Recent laboratory tests show that some of the ancient mummies found in tombs do carry moulds or bacteria. It is believed that poison was used in the coatings of tombs or in powders which were released into the air when stones were disturbed. But we don’t know for sure. After the discovery of King Tut‘s tomb, the curse of the mummy began and many terrible events occurred.

People in ancient Egypt did not have a lot of time to build king Tut’s tomb. King Tut’s tomb was very small compared to other tombs. He did not expand Egypt‘s borders or enjoyed victories like the many kings before him. He is the most known because many treasures were found in his tomb. King Tut‘s tomb had not been completely plundered by grave robbers like almost all the other ones.

We are not sure if King Tut was murdered or died from an illness. King Tut‘s death has puzzled both historians and Egyptologist for many years.

King Tut legend is still alive even though King Tut is died.

Mansa Musa: A great king of Africa

A long time ago Mansa Musa was a famous king in Africa. We don’t know when he was born, but he died around 1337. When Mansa Musa was a little boy most of his family was famous. His father’s name was Prince Faga Laye. Mansa Musa half brothers names are Abubakari and Sundiata plus his uncle’s name was Mansa Sulayman.

Mansa Musa was so rich his servant carried 4 pounds of gold all the time. If you see his house it is so cool. His house is very big and the outside of his palace almost looks like an arrow sticking out. When you go to Mansa Musa’s house now, there are only a few people there.

Mansa Musa’s country was in present day Songhai and Mali. No one really knows what Mansa Musa looked like but they made a Painting of Mansa Musa. His face looks like he is evil and scary. When you see the crown it looks so small but he is a king.
Mansa Musa is a Muslim. When Mansa Musa dies they wrapped him in bandages like they did in Egypt.

my favorite place in the world

My favourite place in the world is Niagara Falls. I like Niagara Falls because it is so much fun to go there and explore the different places. If I were to pick a vacation to go with my family I would pick Niagara Falls and stay there for a month or 2 at a beautiful hotel. When I first arrive at Niagara Falls the first place I would wanna go to is to walk around the main area and go shopping and count all the hot guys. That is the end of my blog I hope you enjoyed it.

the harlem renaisance

Back then they listened and danced to Jazz

Back then they had some good art that everyone liked.  To me there art was weird and a lot of stuff looked like it was from ancient Egypt.

What People Used To Do:
Back then people used to sing and dance for fun.  Any chance they got they took it and dance or sing they took it right away.


An example of a poem I found was “I was born here, He said, And I watch Harlem grow.” This is an example of a poem I found about Harlem.

Rich People:

During the Harlem Renaissance there was a lot of rich people and most people would take pictures in there nicest clothes and finniest jewelry.

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