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Activity Day

I told you before about how I singed up for Activity Day.  This is what I got.  I’m going to Rinx (that is how they spell it).  I can’t wait!  It is on Feb 12.  We were only supposed to be doing two things at Rinx but they changed it and now we are doing roller skating, laser tag, cosmic bowling and whirly ball.  Plus you get all you can eat pizza and drink.  Just for $30.00.  Cool huh?  The sad thing is there was two other thing you could go two like the ROM or the science museum but (and I’m not lying no joke) only three people singed up for the science museum.  Also for the ROM only four people singed up.  I fell sorry for the teachers who have that job. The two biggest hits are the Rinx (no duh) and skating.  I can’t wait to go.

Me moving to a new school

Every year I always have to move to a different school. So I didn’t get to have many friends because every time I got close to them I always ended up leaving. Every time I lift I had to pack up my stuff say bye to my friends and my house and leave. Then when I get to the house I had to adjusts to the now house and the school. When I got to grade 5 I got bet up the first week or school so then I was out over school for the whole September and the first week of October. Then I got put in to a new school and the teacher thought I was giving her dirty looks because the way my eyes are but I wasn’t. So I kept getting in trouble because she thought I was giving her dirty looks. Then I got mad and I had to leave.  At the school I am now, I have friends and I got to stay here for 2 years. But next year I will be moving again to Montréal so I would have to make now friends again. So as you can see it’s hard moving to new schools every year, but staying in one place like this school makes things a lot easier.

Qualities Of Heroes

     Qualities, what are qualities? Qualities are something that describes a person or a group of people like heroes. Heroes show a lot of good qualities. The heroes that I wrote about are Mother Teresa, Anne Frank, and the Dalai Lama. The qualities that I wrote about are leadership, character, and helpful.

     Leadership is a great quality that all heroes should have. Leadership means that you’re not following everyone else but you’re going your own way and making other people follow you. Mother Teresa is a good example of a person who showed leadership. She left home to join and help lead an order of nuns in Ireland. From there, she learned English and trained as an educator. Then she followed her dream and went to India to teach. When she was there, she went to St. Mary’s convent in Calcutta. At 21 she took her first religious vows and received the name Sister Teresa. In 1946 she got a second call to devote herself completely to the poor. In 1979 she won the Nobel Peace Prize. She was only the sixth woman in history to receive this award. Mother Teresa used the cash award to open homes for lepers and build more centers for the poor and dying. In 1996 Mother Teresa became an honorary citizen of the United States and the following year was given the congressional gold Medal of Honor. Her selfless example of helping the whole world touched millions of people. Her exact words were, ‘’ If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.’’ These are some of the ways Mother Teresa showed leadership, a quality that all heroes should have. 

     Character, what is character? Character is different qualities that describes a person, group or thing that shows moral strength. But what does moral means? Moral mean trying to fight for something that’s wrong and to make it right. One person that I think shows a lot of character is Anne Frank. In 1942, on Anne’s sister’s 16 birthday, her family found out that her sister was going to be deported to a Nazi labor camp. So her family decided to go into hiding so she didn’t have to go to the Nazi camp. Anne Frank showed character because while everyone else was doing nothing about what was happening she wrote in her diary everything that went on. After she died, her diary got published in 1947 and became known world wide. I know that you’re probably thinking how did she show character by doing that? She showed character because what she wrote in her diary made everyone aware of what really happened to all the Jews. Anne Frank is a real hero and if I was her I would have done the same thing. It’s like she said, “In spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good in heart.”  I think we should all remember her. So this is how Anne Frank showed character. 

     Another important quality for a hero to have is to be helpful.  Being helpful means that you assist people that really need it.  The Dalai Lama is helpful because he tried to help China and Tibet come together. People think that the Dalai Lama is bad but he’s really not. At the age of two his parents knew that he was the thirteenth Dalai Lama leader of Tibet.  In 1950, China took over Tibet and told the Tibetan government that if they did tell their people that they now belonged to China, they would get killed. So, then at night the Dalai Lama snuck out of Tibet and went to hide in the neighboring country. The Dalai Lama goes around helping different kinds of people around the world. In 1989, the Dalai Lama was awarded the Noble Peace Prize which he accepted on behalf of the people of Tibet. What happen to the Dalai Lama was bad but at least he’s not dead. This is how the Dalai Lama is helpful.              

     Admirable qualities are something that all heroes share. The reason why they share these qualities is because they’ve all done things to help other people or the world. Heroes come in all different shapes, sizes, colures, genders, sexes, and even religions. Even though some of the heroes might have died, they’ve all made positive marks that we can all remember and carry on.   




The Great White Shark!

This viscous creature is one of the most amazing in the ocean.

The Great White Shark can be, 5 meters long and weigh up to 2,450 pounds, the females are generally larger than the males. The normal maximum size of a great white is 6 meters and 4,200 pounds.  This animal is arguably the world’s largest known predatory fish. The great white sharks teeth are sharp but there jaws are not strong. All sharks can smell blood from five miles away. Great white Sharks’ reputation as ferocious predators is well earned, yet they are not (as was once believed) indiscriminate “eating machine”. They hunt using an “ambush” technique, taking their prey by surprise from below. Great white sharks are carnivorous, and primarily eat fish (including rays, tuna, and smaller sharks), dolphins, porpoises, whale carcasses and pinniped such as seals, fur seals and sea lions and sometimes sea turtles. Sea otters and penguins are attacked at times although rarely, if ever, eaten. Great whites have also been known to eat objects that they are unable to digest. For example (fish nets parts of medal and plants under the sea.)

Great white Sharks live in almost all coastal and offshore waters. Great white sharks can also be found in tropical waters. This had disproved traditional theories of white sharks being coastal territorial predators. Shark cage-diving is when a group of tourists or those who wish to study the sharks up close are lowered into the water beside a boat, protected by a steel cage. Practices have raised the fear that sharks may be becoming more accustomed to people in their environment and beginning to associate human activity with food – a potentially dangerous situation.

The latest research suggests that the great white shark is more closely related to the mako shark than to the megalodon shark. As many scientists would place the megalodon and White Shark as distant relatives – sharing the family Lamnidae but no closer relationship. The Great White is classified as a mackerel (Lamnidae) shark.