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Blog of the week

This weekend I got a new game I got a new game for my PS3.  I found out that the closer you get to the boss the harder it gets.  Good news:  I unlocked 150 mirrored on my Mario cart DS game.  It was very hard but I got 1 more place to unlock.  It takes awhile to do it. Def Jam Icon is like the funniest and hardest game I ever played, but it is only hard when I play it on “story mode”.  It is easy if you are playing with people online.  It is way easier than story mode for me.  Some of my favourite characters are Sticky Fingers and Young Jesse and T.I. as well as the person I made on the game. They are cool to use and fun. Sometimes it gets really hard to fight because you have to use other people before you get to use the person you made in “story mode”.

Is a cucumber a fruit or a vegetable

If a vegetable has seeds, then it is a fruit?  We know that a tomato is a fruit because it has seeds.  But what about a cucumber? People have just got over the conflict of a tomato being a fruit or a vegetable but now there is another vegetable that has seeds. Most fruits are sweet except for the lemon and the lime but a cucumber has no taste at all. Most of the vegetables that, we eat we can cook them we can’t cook all the fruits but we can cook a cucumber. So like I’m confused.  Is a cucumber a fruit or a vegetable?  Which is the right oine?  What do you think tell me and if you know anything wacky or gross tell me on the comment board?

What I learn about remember day !!

November 11th is Remembrance Day.  In class we are learning about Canada in the wars and we are doing a timeline. My teacher Mr.Borges brought a letter of someone who was in the Canadian army and who send it to his family.  Mr. Borges also brought an old helmet from the First Word War. The First World War started in 1914 and ended in 1918.  The Second World War 1939 and ended in 1945.  The Korean War started in 1950 and ended in 1953.  The war in Afghanistan started in 2003 and it still going on. Remembrance Day is the day to remember the soldiers who fought for us so that we could be free and that is why we have a Remembrance Day.  Millions of Canadians wear poppies each November to remember soldiers who died in battle.  Poppy is a symbol of life.  Back in World War 1 the soldiers often picked the poppies and wore them on their helmets.

Terry Fox

Terry Fox was a very good person and helped people around the world. On July 28, 1958 Terry fox was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Terry’s family settled in British Columbia. 10 year later Terry got cancer and had to amputate his leg. Then he had chemotherapy treatment in for 16 months. When he got better, had decided to run and raise money for cancer research.  On September 1, 1980, after 143 days and 5,374 km , Terry Fox stopped running outside of Thunder Bay, Ontario because his cancer spread throughout his body. On September 13, 1981 760  places in Canada and around the world ran the first Terry Fox run. $3.5 million where raised for cancer research. On February 1, 1981 Terry’s dream of raising $1 from every Canadian to fight cancer came true. Terry raised $24.17 million through his marathon of hope. |He died soon after.  On June 26, 1982 a statue of Terry Fox was presented where Terry Fox ended his run on September 1, 1980. These are the facts about Terry Fox that I found interesting.