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There Are Many Ways To Stop A Zombie

There are many way to stop a zombies. Second,You can chop off the zombies head. We can also stop a zombie with a baseball bat to hit the zombies head. Pretend you are a zombie so the zombies will not kill you.You can hide a zombie so the zombie will not see you. I can shoot the arrow to stop the zombie. I can destroy the zombie with a sword. There are many to stop a zombie. I can use a knife to stop the zombie. Mr Borges can stop the zombie.I can shoot the zombies head.I can use fire to kill the zombie because the fire can hurt the zombie. When the zombie comes up to me I will kill the zombie. I can stop a zombie with fire arrow. When I shoot the fire arrow the zombie will stop.These are many ways to stop a zombies

It Is Important To Ban Plastic Bags

It Is Important To Ban Plastic Bags


It is important to ban plastic bags. It’s important to ban plastic bags because plastic bags are mostly used around the world. People using plastic bags litter and just throw them on the grass or pavement. In Quebec the Quebecers use two billion plastic bags a year and only 14 percent are recycled in a lot of litter. These plastic bags take up to 15 percent of the landfill. Plastic bags takes a very, very, very long time to break down in the environment. Some countries already banned plastic bags like Leaf Rapides in Northern Manitoba since 2007, Fort Mcmurray, Alberta since 2010 and Town of Brossard in St. Lawrence from Montreal since 2016. Plastic bags can only be used for fruits and vegetables it can also be used for items sold in bulk. Plastic bags are bad for the environment. This is why it is so important to ban plastic bags.Related image

Why we should change the oh canada words

Why should we change the words to “Oh Canada?  They should change the words because they want to be fair to the sons and daughters. People have been trying to change the words of the national anthem for over 30 years. They changed the words from “True patriot love in all our sons command to “True patriot love in all of us command” because they wanted to show that women could do everything that men can. The anthem seem to exclude woman because they might not be able to do anything. They only mention about the sons. This is why we should change the words to “Oh Canada.

Oh Canada

It was important to change the words to ‘‘Oh Canada’’.  It was important that the anthem included everyone. The government changed the national anthem to ‘‘of us’’ from ‘‘our sons’’.  The changes was made to Oh Canada to make it sounds more like Canada, is a wondrous place and allow many people travel from all over the world.  This is why it is important to change ‘‘Oh Canada’’.


It was not important to change the words ‘‘Oh Canada’’.  It’s not important since because changing the national anthem is not easy.  Also you have to make a bill and into a law. You would have to wait weeks or months or even years because the citizens and the council would have to vote to make it a law.  The anthem also costs a lot of money and a lot of time. It is also not important because people might disagree. This is why it is not important to change ‘‘Oh Canada’’.