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My weekend

My weekend was fun I went out to eat after when I’m done eating I went shoping to buy stuff to eat after when I went home I play on my ipad I played monster legend after that I play roblox then YouTube after when I done watching YouTube I went to get dinner after dinner I went to take a bath then I play my ipad a few minutes then I went to sleep.

My Weekend

On Saturday I stay home and watch TV and did some chores and at night time my mom bought small cake and I ate some it is good. I went to my cousin house and I have a sleepover and on Sunday I went to drawing class with my cousin and my sister when we came home my cousin have to go out for dinner so me and my sister stay at my cousin house my sister cry because my sister don’t want her to go and our mom came to pick us up.   

my summer

my summer we went to MC Donald  and we eat there a long time and our friends was there and we play with them then there mom said that there going to the park and we went to and we found a baby bummy and we tired to catch it but we a most got it but we came back the another day we were so close to catch it and we went to the water park and  then we went there a again we got so wet and then someone had a party and we said can we have a water but it was not water it was coke 0 and then we was a most got to play there for 1 hour then we went back but i went in to the basket  that dumps and me and the water was cold and then they took off there t sirt and then we walk all the away back but they said that how would you sit now.