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My summer

My summer is fun because I went to  Montreal for three days. It took us hours to get there we live in a hotel for two nights. I saw a little jar of chocolate it is really cute. The jar is tiny that’s way it cute. My family ate buffet it is good. The food there is good because they have lots of cake and I love cake. Every night I can not sleep because the bed is small. That is the end of my trip to Montreal.


When I Was A Table

When I wake up I realize that i’m a  table. First when I woke up I felt weird I thought I was something like a chair. When I looked at myself I knew that I was round and big like a table. Second I found out that I was a table because I saw a lot of people working on me I also saw people talking. I also saw the other tables and I thought I might also be a table like them. Third I saw my owner on me eat  and working at the same time. When I was hungry I couldn’t eat because I have no hand. Forth in the afternoon I was dreaming that I did something funny I kicked someone’s leg and that person blamed it on someone beside her. My owner was also there she asked them what happened and that person said that someone kicked her and my owner blamed it on the person beside her. Fifth When everyone went home and I was tired i thought when I wake up the next day I’ll still be a table. The next day when I woke up I was myself again and not a table. This is one of my day when I was a inanimate object. 

The Call Of The Wild

These are some of my predict to what will happen to Buck in the end of this story. First I think that Buck will run wild with the dog pack because Buck is wild and he is thinking of the things that happened to him before and he is also thinking of cave man. Second I think that Buck will continue pulling the sled to the Dawson City and to Dyea Camp because Buck is enjoying being wild with the dog pack. Third I think if there is a new husky in the dog pack Buck might want to tell them that he is the alpha dog. These are some of my predict to what will happen to Buck in the end of this story.