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The avalanche is the most important part of the story

The avalanche is the most important part of the story.  It is important because it’s at the top of my story map also avalanches are one of the most dangerous disasters.  Their job was very dangerous because they could get hurt and die. In this part of the story, Wong was worried about Shek because Shek did not come back and Shek got buried in the avalanche.  Wong the younger brother tried to help but the guards won’t let him. This shows you that the guards didn’t care about the Chinese people.  Wong was the one that was taking care of Shek for a while.  Shek was half frozen and very cold.  Wong was responsible.  That is why the avalanche part is important and dangerous.


The soup my mom spill. So my mom was going to pour soup in the bowlbut insead of the bowl she pour it on the table by excident. Then some of the soup poured on me it burns a bite but the soup taste awsome. This is the short story of my soup.

The Old Man And The Sea

We have been reading ” The Old Man And The Sea” by Ernest Hemmingway. I predict that the old man doesn’t die but the marlin dies and the old man is going to sell the big marlin. After the marlin is dead  he is going to write books of what he saw in the sea. Then the old man will become famous and he will have a good life. Also the boys parent’s let the boy to fish with the old man. This is my prediction of what will happen in the end.