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“The Call of the Wild” Novel Study

Here are some resources that you may find valuble as we are reading through “The Call of the Wild”.

  • One of the best tools I came across while preparing for the novel study was an interactive Google map that provides information and photos of places and events in the story.
  • In addition to reading the book, you may want to hear the story being read.  Listen to it here or here and read along.
  • You may want an e-book copy of the text to use Read and Write Gold with or in order to cut and paste sections of it as we begin working with the text.  There are many e-books available for free, but you can find a basic e-copy here or an online copy here.
  • Here’s a link to information on the Klondike Gold Rush.
  • Here is a webquest to get you familiar with the times the novel takes place and the story itself.  Great way to get vivid images in your mind as you read.
  • You’ll find information on the actual story here.
  • Here is the lowdown on Jack London himself.  A pretty interesting guy with an awesome life history that influenced his writing.
  • Use this QR to access our Wallwisher wall that we will use to post comments, share ideas and engage in discussions. (You can also click on it and it will take you to the website)

The Recess Queen

This week we have a guest blogger.  Here is a story summary of a great story!

The story the Recess Queen the authors are Alexis o  neill and laura Huliska beith.  this story is about a girl named Jean. But other kids call her Mean Jean.But Jean calls herself queen Jean.Jean always got her way recess.No one ever told on jean because there scared that they might get Jean mad at them.Everyone is afraid of Jean because shes mean.Then  there was a new kid named Katie sue.Katie sue did not know about Jean. that she has to play first in recess.Then once its recess Katie sue played first in recess Jean was very very mad since she played first she ran towards her. then Katie sue said no one ever said i want Jean to play with me.Then jean did play with and jean wasn’t called mean Jean anymore the end.The problem is that jean was bullying other people. The solution is  that Katie sue played with Jean then Jean was nice.The message I learned from the story is that anyone can be your friend if you be nice to them.