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Gold Rush

In the  first Gold Rush  many people came from USA and went north to the Arctic to find gold. At January 24, 1848, James W. Marshall, a foreman working for Sacramento pioneer John Sutter, found shiny metal in the tailrace of a lumber mill Marshall was building for Sutter on the American River. A lot of people made it to Dawson city.They use horse to carry the think that they use to dig and they use axe, clothes, water and they need food to live and they need some shuff the dig.

The painting I chose “ Morning at Antibes ”by Claude Monet.In the painting tree is so big and pretty.  The weather is sunny. The colours are pretty. The big tree  is brown.The Warm colours is in the painting are red, brown, yellow, orange, red orange .The cool  colours  are  blue green, turquoise ,light green,light blue  and dark blue  I feel happy and awesome when I look at this painting  because the tree is big and happy,and  the background is awesome. I like the paintings because the pond is big and the colour is beautiful.the painting I chose “ Morning at Antibes” By Claude Monet.

The Misleading Assumptions

Hey Here is a little story that i recently wrote i hope you enjoy 🙂


It was 2 years ago when Jason noticed his best friend stopped moving. He made a regretful choice. He rejected Rachel’s confession because he has someone else he liked. He saw tears running down her cheeks. He tried to comfort her, but before he could, she ran off. Jason thought of chasing her to apologize, but it would make her feel even worse, so he stopped. As he turned around he heard someone got hit. When he turned around he saw Rachel lying on the ground in front of a car. He started to run towards her as tears filled his eyes. He holds her in his arms while saying “I’m sorry “, repetitively as he cries. Rachel reaches up to touch his face with her hand covered in blood and said “I don’t blame you; it’s not your fault that I got hit”. He said “Don’t Die! Stay with me! I’m going to get help, just hang in there”.

He pulls out his phone, he calls 911 and asked for help. He was screaming “HURRY GET THE AMBULANCE MY FRIEND IS DYING, SHE IS LOSING TOO MUCH BLOOD!” When the call ended Rachel had already lost conscience and Jason assumed that she was dead. When the ambulance arrived he told them that she hasn’t moved for a while. As they were heading to the hospital, the paramedics told him that Rachel is still alive; just lost conscience. When he saw her parents running through the door, they were in tears. They came over and Rachel’s mother asked “how’s my baby”. He replied in a quiet voice” I don’t know but I think you guy should look at her first, since she is your precious daughter”. They went through the door first so he waited outside until they came back out.

1 hour has gone and Rachel’ parents finally came out. Jason stood up and asked them “how is Rachel? Is she alright?” They replied “the daughter we once knew is now gone because of you, this is entirely your fault to begin with. We will be moving in 1 month, that will give Rachel enough time to say good bye to all her other friends. During that time we don’t want you near her, stay as far as possible from her”. The first day she came back from the hospital, she went to find Jason and talk to him but she wasn’t able to because he didn’t give her a chance.

One month is almost over she still haven’t been able to talk to Jason. It was that afternoon of the last day of the month, he decide to show up in front of her instead of her searching for him. She didn’t expect that, but the first question that she asked was “why were you ignoring me all this time”. He replied “it’s because of your parents. They told me to stay away from you until you move so that’s why I’ve been ignoring you but I would have regretted my whole life, if I did not tell you this before you move. I have realized my true feelings after that day of the accident. I noticed that the girl who I really love is not her but you, so I have decided to go out with you when we meet again someday”. Rachel asked Jason in a trembling voice “why someday? Why can’t you go out with me now?” He told her “I want to wait until your parents have calm down after your accident; they probably still hate me for what I have done to you. No matter how much you complain to them they would not accept me”.

They both decide to meet 2 years from now which is June 30, 2017.

It is that day before the 2 years mark. Jason went shopping for new clothing for his long awaited girlfriend. When he was shopping, he notice there was a girl who looked exactly like Rachel. He thought to himself “is that really her? or I’m just seeing things, so he took a closer look it really was her. When he decide to approach and say hello but he saw another man beside her so he backed away. He took all the stuff he was looking for to the cashier and went home.

(Rachel point of view) she was at the mall with her cousin to pick out a dress for the men she likes. “Hey what do you think of this dress” asked Rachel. Mason her cousin replied “I think you should go with a brighter color”. “You think so too? I also thought of getting a brighter color too but I thought that he wouldn’t like it so I went with navy blue. They soon found an absolute perfect dress that suits her well and took it to the cashier and left.

The next day, they meet at Campagnolo on 832 Dundas St. West. When they both arrived, they had a nervous look on their faces. They were dead silent for about 1 minute until Jason spoke up and asked “How have you been? Can’t you believe that 2 years have past”. She was so nervous and couldn’t say a word so she remained silent. He soon said “you look absolutely gorgeous and beautiful in that dress”. Her face quickly brightens up and replied “Thank You” with a beautiful smile.

They soon ordered some food to eat. As they were waiting, Jason told Rachel “I saw you at the mall the other day and wanted to call your name but I saw another man beside you. She replied “oh him, he is my cousin. I called him to come to help me search for a perfect dress for our date today. When she was done explain Jason signed with an expression that looked like all his misunderstandings were gone. After the date for the long distance couple they spent their days together happily ever after.