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Oh Canada


It is important to change the anthem. It should be changed from our son command to in all of us command. Now that the anthem is change girls feel that they could do anything that boys could do. Parents could sing about their daughters and their sons and not only  about their sons.Girls would feel happy because they are now included in the anthem and they are also important.The national symbol should be change.


It is not important to change the anthem. It is hard to change the national symbol. A bill has to be passed to make it law which to be approved by members of parliament. The bill moves to the house of Commons. If they agree they bring it to the Senate and if they agree then it becomes law. It takes a long time to agree. Also it cost a lot of money and we have to pay to debate it. This is not important to change the anthem. It national symbol should not be changed.

The old man and the sea

We have been reading The Old Man and the sea by Ernest Hemmingway. I Predict that. The old man give the big fish some tuna and the fish was beside the boat and the fish said hop on my back and we are going to ride back home and the fish and the old man went home the man got so money and the old man feel sad because the fish died then  the old man cook the fish up and eat it and relax.

My Weekend

My weekend was fun. On Saturday my cousin came over to sleep at my house and my cousin and my sister we when out and did ding dong ditch. It was fun doing it. We play games on my computer and watch T.v. We did some craft but we did a mess so I clean my room. On Sunday My aunt came to our house and we when out to my drawing class.

My Weekend

My weekend was fun.On Saturday I watch T.V in the afternoon my aunt bought some food like moon cake and some small cake I ate it and my sister ate some to. At night time I went to my cousin house to sleep but on Sunday afternoon we went out for lunch with my aunt and my cousin and  we went to london because my cousin sister have to go back to school. But we came home at 8 something. This is my weekend.