Gold Rush Paragraph

This is some information that i know about Gold Rush. Firstly, many people came from USA and went north to the Arctic to find some gold. They want gold because they don’t have a lot of food and a place to live and if they have gold they can have a lot of food and a place to live. Secondly, some people die from the avang and some people was alive. They go up to the mountain for gold and they die because the snow on the mountain fall down and the people got buried by the snow. Third, some animals die on the mountain. The animals die because the animals don’t have enough food and some people are hungry so they kill the animals for food. Fourth, gold was worth more than $30 million or $660 million. It worth a lot of money because it is hard to go out of the underground. Fifth, a lot of people made it to Dawson city. They made it because they have a lot of gold. This is some information that I know about gold rush.

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