the trip to the aquarium

I went to the aquarium. I went to Ripley’s aquarium in downtown Toronto. It took us 1 hour to get there and come back from the aquarium. I like the part when I saw the swordfishes. I also liked the blue lobsters. I mostly like the fish park. There were 2 slides in the fish park. One was a shell slide and one was a fish one. It was the best trip of my life. It was the best trip it is awesome. I got to touch the sting rays in water and hammer fishes but we couldn’t touch the hammer fishes.  I was too scared to touch the sting rays. There were small and big ones. My friend made me touch the stingrays. Was so scared it would sting me ray. My friends likes to touch the sting Rays. We also there was a gift shop but only teacher were allowed to go into the gift shop. I hate the part when I could not go into the gift shop even if I brought money. We also saw an octopuses and starfishes. I saw a 5metred and my friends had so much fun. The cool part is that the floor helps you walk to the end you can also sit on it and it will help you movie like an elevator/moving stairs. There was a restaurant and they have mcdonalds and pizza and they cook the best French fries.

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