Returning to the Ancestral Home

In the story “Returning to the Ancestral Home”, there are examples of person vs. self conflicts. A person vs. self conflict means that there are things that someone must choose to do. For example, if you have a lot of homework and you also have a drumming class that night, you must choose one because they are both important to you. In this story, the person vs. self conflict of Mao Sheng is that he was forced to go to his grandfather’s house when he had a soccer game that week and he was worried about his team loosing the game without him because he is a really good at soccer. The only reason why his father forced him to go instead of his younger brothers was because he was the eldest brother. In China, the eldest brother has to take care of the family. By the end of the story, Mao Sheng was glad that he went to his grandfather’s house because he got to take sometime to spend with his grandfather and help in an emergency. These are some of the examples of the person vs. self conflicts of Mao Sheng that are in the story.

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