Should Cell-Phone Use Be Banned In Public Places?

There are many cell-phones on earth. Many people use cell-phone. Should cell-phone be banned in public places? There are many reason why it should be banned and be banned there are many good reasons why cell-phones should be banned in public places.
One of the reasons is that people will be more considerate For example, you can help your friend but if you were to play on phone when your friend was talking you could not help your friend. It banning cell-phone in public places would lead to more responsible behavior. For example, if you drive and you talk on a phone you can get into an accident .banning cell-phone some kids don’t have self-control when they do their homework because they are to busy calling or texting that is why cell-phone should me banned.
There are many reasons why cell-phone should not be banned in public places.

Some people believe that cell-phone bans will not solve the problems dangerous driving. Other people think that kids will turn off cell-phones in Movie Theaters because kids sometimes know what is right from wrong. Some people think that if cell-phones were banned kids would not have responsibility in their life. For example if a kid does not have responsibility, the he/she will not learn to do will ever the never does something alone. I think that cell-phones should not be banned in public places except in movie theaters.

There are some reasons why cell-phones should not be banned in public places. There are many reasons why cell-phone banned and why they should not. It is rube to talk in public places. But using cell-phone makes people more responsible.cell phone-0_1

9 thoughts on “Should Cell-Phone Use Be Banned In Public Places?

  1. I think we’re ignoring the fact that cell phones may be used to contact police, etc. during an emergency. Not all of us carry cell phones to purposely be rude to other people. They’re very useful devices and, shockingly, can be turned on silent/vibrate to not disturb others.

  2. I think that using cell phones in public places is not good and quite rude to everyone around us at that time. For example, while everyone is watching movie with concentration in a cinema, you are still using your cell phone with the bright light and loud sound.That will make everyone feels seriously annoyed!!!

  3. I find the lack of tolerance for other’s beliefs or customs to be appalling! Perhaps some of you should just stay home and let the rest of us just get through our days with or without our cell phones. Case in point: my son is ill with a bad cold and is coughing continuously. I offered to go to the grocery store to get him some soup, crackers and beer. While there, I called him to ask him about his preference for crackers. I was verbally attacked by a gentleman for being so rude as to be on the phone in public. I’m from the south and was raised to be polite but I will defend my rights while I still have any left.

  4. I would never take a phone in a public place!
    That is disrespectful! Also it is VERY RUDE!!
    We ban smoking in public and MOST people respect that. We don’t have a “Smoke Police”
    People still bring “smokes” in a theater yet they do not “light up”! If “you” text then I hope that you also would be SHOT! Learn the lesson, child! I would rather be in a group of smokers than in a group of “silly phone talkers”, and I have asthma!
    Learn from this and take your silly phone home, and smoke at home, and cry at home or whatever silly thing it is that you do. BUT BRING YOUR PHONE AROUND ME, I WILL DEFEND MYSELF AGAINST YOU!!!!! You might get hurt, LEAVE THE SILLY PHONE AT HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. theres signs everwhere at work saying NO CELLS
    PHONES . The public gets very rude when you ask
    them to turn them off . What do you do?

  6. While banning smartphones in public places sounds extreme, I’m leaning directly towards this request.

    Change needs to happen, as I firmly believe most people with smartphones are rude and completely oblivious to their surroundings. Being polite or courteous has been replaced with convenience and ‘to hell with the guy beside me’. They just don’t care. So….

    (1) Turn off your audible click while texting. That’s extremely annoying. I don’t want to hear it.

    (2) Absolutely no texting/talking – hands free or not, while driving a motor vehicle, bicycle etc.
    Unfortunately the laws/fines are NOT stringent enough where I live to have had any impact whatsoever. Most people of all ages- male/female have completely ignored these laws.

    (3)No talking on the cell phone in a public place i.e. restaurant, movie theatre (goes without saying), etc. I’m sure we’re headed in this direction, but hopefully sooner rather than later. I believe it should include public transportation as well. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to listen to some nutbar on his/her phone (on a train,subway etc.) yelling at somebody on their phone. Text instead, so I don’t have to listen to your screaming.

    I’m sure alot of people reading this are guilty as can be of the aforementioned. Hopefully you actually do feel guilt and will strive to make these adjustments in your life, in an effort to be more courteous to others.

    If not, well…I have no tolerance left for your behavior and will strive to push for laws to be changed and enforced. It’s time you are forced to be courteous, since most of you could care less.

  7. Hey, since when did the government have the right to ban cell phones anyway? There’s no way to get this kind of thing passed even it did make sense. It would be tremendously unpopular.

  8. It is an odd belief that you can stop people from doing things by banning them. People will generally turn off their phones in a theatre because it makes sense. Banning cellphones in all public places does not make sense and the ban would therefore be ignored. Cellphones are very widely available now days because with prepaid they have become much cheaper and accessable to everyone.. All you would achieve by banning their use is to create a new , useless cellphone police.

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