Weird thing that happend to me all true

Hi it’s me.  The freakiest thing happened to me today (that’s saying a lot for a girl with my type of friends).  I was walking to school and then I saw a flashing thing in the tree.  First I thought I was it was a bird. (Like birds can shine, but I was half asleep).  I walk over to the tree and there was this key chain thing with a bell on it hanging on the tree. So I threw it on the street because I didn’t need it.  I walk for a little bit down the street and there on the floor, I swear, there it was.  I picked it up and decided to keep it.  Then it started to rain and I forgot to bring my umbrella (and that was dumb of me because there were clouds in the sky) and of course, I was getting wet and I’m yelling at the rain (not helping).  When I was just about to get more wet, I wished the rain would stop then shook my hand that had the key chain init and then, and I am not kidding I swear on my grave, five seconds later it stopped raining!  Cool huh?  Later on, when I was at school, my x-friend took the key chain away from me.  She said that it was dumb and stuff.  In my head, I said that something bad would happen to her and I was right!  She was going to run away from me with the key chain when some dude’s locker flung open and hit her right in the face!  The guy said he was sorry and I did get my trinket back.  I went outside and showed my friends this strange thing and told them how dorky it was and just as a got to the field I tripped and fell on the wet ground.  Now I have watch what I say around this thing.  This was all true.

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