What Happening with Toronto Raptors?

What’s happening with Toronto? They had 5 TRYS OR MORE to get into the playoffs and they are losing to teams that are just FLAT-out bad! If they expect to get into the playoffs they have to score at the basket and have to put the ball in the net with pride. They got Shane Matron from the Heat and they’re still not using him to their full advantage.  Their standings are 23 wins and 37 losses.  Even the Maple Leafs are doing better than the Raptors. What is with their defense?! It’s just weak.  It’s like they just give up in every game they play, even against EASY TEAMS. The Raptors lost against the Knicks, Suns, Mavericks and the Houston Rockets. How do they lose to these teams?  Especially when the Suns don’t have Steve Nash and the Rockets are without T Mac? I’m a fan of Bosh but if he doesn’t do anything I think they might just have to TRADE him! EVERYONE IS EXPECTING THE TORONTO RAPTORS TO MAKE THE PLAYOFF! I gave up on Toronto and many other fans gave up on the Raptors too.

3 thoughts on “What Happening with Toronto Raptors?

  1. Im commenting A bit late, they messed up last season because of team defense I agree. I its just a matter of effort I saw Calderon and Jamaro especially just kinda give up on D. It was a sad season but the next season we picked up turkolu from the magic, But J.P. Riccardi found a way to get rid of Shawn Marion. We have a bad manager which is another problem. Nice blog

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