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Global Field Trip

Throughout the year, our class will be following a family as they travel across the world over the span of 12 months.  Aside from reading and discussing the family’s adventures, we will be working through different assignments and even communicating (hopefully) with them as we learn about different countries and cultures from around the world.  In our classroom, we have dedicated a bulletin board to The Global Field Trip where we will be updating the family’s travels.  We will be using this board as as a starting point for our own in-class adventures and discoveries.


Here is a link to the Global Field Trip Blog site.


Assignment 1:  (The 5 Ws)  Answering the 5 Ws and getting to know the World.


Assignment 2:  (Researching a Country)  Use the link to “Culture Grams” to help you in your research.

Assignment 3:  (Paragraph Writing) We read about how our traveling friends only took what they could carry and we actually got to explore a packed a carry-on bag.  After our clothes and toiletry supplies, there isn’t much room left!

Your third assignment:  Your task is to create a web using Smart Ideas (pictures and words) that outlines your top three picks for what you would take with your on a year long trip around the world.  Remember to explain WHY you’d take your “things” with you.


Assignment 4:  (Blog Reading Response)

Here are some resources that may help you:
The Global Field Trip (Meet the people that inspired us!)
Google maps (Look up different countries around the world)
Culture Grams (Learn about different cultures)
Kids World Travel Guide (Information about different places around the world)

The first is one of my pinhole shots and other shots

Jimmy Lin(Jin Xing)IMG_0449[1]IMG_0087[1]IMG_0461[1]

eague Of Legends

Hello today I’m talking  about the  popular game in North America  It is called League Of Legends (LOL). It’s also my favorite game to play on my computer  too. It is played all around the world, right now there are 27 million active players each day . The reason why I like this game is because I get to play with people around the world and also play with my favorite character, Teemo and Tristana. The characters are called Champions, there are 166 Champions in the game. Sometimes  The Game creator add new champions to the game. The Company who made League is called . The money  is called Rp and Ip. Rp are the more harder to get and Ip  which you get from playing,You get 200 per game. Did you know that Tristana Has Rocket in his  Pocket. have you seen Teemo eyes open Because his eyes are always closed and never opened.This are The Fact about league Of Legends

If I Was Traveling Around Torund I Would Take

If I was traveling around rotund I would take 3 small things. I would bring a tablet computer,an iPhone and a robot dog.  First i would bring a tablet computer because it is both an iPad and a computer it would and save me space.  Second I would bring an iPhone because you can do a lot stuff with it like take selfless, talk with people read news and watch YouTube it also has a compass, flashlight, Google map and more. Lastly I would bring a cool rob because you can tell him to do a front flip, jump, go pick up ball and it eat a lot of buttons!  So This is all would take.


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