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Monkey Quest

Monkey quest is a new game that is awesome. When a got bored a wanted to play a new game so I search in Google Monkey. Then I found Monkey quest a wanted that game I make my account so then a download the game so I started the game it took an hour to be level 10 I got $2.900 game money my character team is a ninja I join the Chim Foo ninja from Kama I even got a ninja costume then I got a ninja star and a ninja sword

I fight new bosses and mini spider. When I battle a boss that a spider is was really hard so Kama came and fight it for me he’s really powerful but he got freeze and till some one destroy him but suddenly lot of people fight including me to save the ninja Master Kama but suddenly I evil monster came and burn the forest down I might save the monkeys. That why Monkey Quest is a fantastic game to play.

the trip to the aquarium

I went to the aquarium. I went to Ripley’s aquarium in downtown Toronto. It took us 1 hour to get there and come back from the aquarium. I like the part when I saw the swordfishes. I also liked the blue lobsters. I mostly like the fish park. There were 2 slides in the fish park. One was a shell slide and one was a fish one. It was the best trip of my life. It was the best trip it is awesome. I got to touch the sting rays in water and hammer fishes but we couldn’t touch the hammer fishes.  I was too scared to touch the sting rays. There were small and big ones. My friend made me touch the stingrays. Was so scared it would sting me ray. My friends likes to touch the sting Rays. We also there was a gift shop but only teacher were allowed to go into the gift shop. I hate the part when I could not go into the gift shop even if I brought money. We also saw an octopuses and starfishes. I saw a 5metred and my friends had so much fun. The cool part is that the floor helps you walk to the end you can also sit on it and it will help you movie like an elevator/moving stairs. There was a restaurant and they have mcdonalds and pizza and they cook the best French fries.


MInecraft is a great game to play. You survived by building shelter, armor, swords, food. The strongest food is steak and pork chop. Shelter is the most important thing in minecraft.

The way to start minecraft is get some wood and click   the E button to craft something for yourself. Put the wood in one square in their and it will give you wooden planks .Now put the wooden planks straight just one line down and it will give you sticks. Then put wooden planks and put it in all four boxes and it will give you a crafting table. Then after you are done building you can get materials to make weapons, armor and make houses. You need them because   monster will kill you and you have armor to protect you and weapons such as, wooden sword, wooden pickaxe and a wooden shovel .you can play with your friends and play new servers and  play a game called hunger games and you can kill other people or go team up with other people or friends. If it is morning you can go mining for iron or go mine diamond. You need a stone pickaxe to get it then go to your furnace and cook it for a 2 minute.  Then craft an armor to protect yourself and craft a pickaxe shovel and sword. That’s why minecraft is a great game to play

African American slavery

Slavery was a very terrible thing that happened in history. An enslave person is someone who is forced to do something for their owner. What is black slavery? Black slavery is a very horrible thing that happened in the new world. It started in 1518 and it ended on 1866 but it still affects Africans today because black slavery made Africans so poor.  First let’s talk about how the African were treated on the ship on the way over to the New World. One African ship can only had 454 people but the Europeans put 600 people in one ship .The Africans on the ship were so closely squeezed together they could hardly move. On the ship African didn’t have much food to eat like bean, rice, salted pork, and beef so many slaves got sick and died. Europeans threw slaves dead bodies into the ocean. Europeans branded slave’s skin with their owner’s name. What are the jobs that slaves do? Slaves had to do farming. Most only lived for 6 years because on the plantation there was too much work and they didn’t have enough food to eat. Slaves had to do cleaning and cooking for their owners and sometimes even look after the owners children. The black slaves tried to fight back but it didn’t work because the Europeans were so powerful. They had guns and other weapons. Black slavery was a very terrible thing that happened in history!  I’m glad it ended!

African Slavery

African slavery was frightening in many ways. Slavery started in 1518 and last over 300 years. Approximately ten million Africans were brought to the New World. Africans were captured by the Spaniards and brought to the New World as slaves to work on the sugar cane plantations. When Europeans arrive at Africa to trade and the Africans had nothing to trade so they traded people. Eventually Africans were forcibly brought like cattle by the Europeans to New France as slaves or prostitutes. The families in Africa were forced to leave each other. They were traveled by ship to the New World and if any of them were sick, they were dumped over overboard to get eaten by sharks. By the time they arrived at the New World they were forced to work even if there sick.  Even children had to work. If anyone refused to work they were whipped or tortured by the plantations owners. The good thing is that slavery ended 130 years ago. Even though slavery was over African Americans still have to fight for equal rights and against racism. These are some of the reason that slavery was so frightening.

A day in a Slave’s life

Slaves had a very poor life. Slaves were tortured and they didn’t get good food or shelter. Once a year they got  two linen shirts, two pairs of trousers , one jacket, one pair of socks, one pair of shoes, an overcoat, and a wool hat. Slaves worked outside in the field or they worked in the house to clean the owner’s house. A slave’s husband had to be parted from his wife and kids when they were sold as slave. When a baby was born their mother had to wait until it was 10 or 12 months and their mother could be sold. When they got to the age of 4 or 5 they had to baby-sit and when they turned to the age of 7 they worked in the field. By the age of 9 they were expected to be working. If a slave didn’t do something right they got punished and they could be killed, if they Murdered, stole from or assaulted a white person. A slave’s house was not comfortable. The bed was made by straw or grass and old rags and one blanket for covering. In one room they had at least one-dozen people. Slaves had a very poor life.

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