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New Podcast!

We have a new podcast up and running!  In this episode, we have one student sharing their experience of going to Ripley’s Aquarium.  Another student reads the back cover of his new Minecraft book.

Thomas Edison’s life

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Thomas Edison was a famous inventor. Thomas Edison was born on February 11, 1847 in Milan; Ohio in America.  Thomas Edison was nicknamed “Al”. Al had a hard time at school, but loved reading and doing experiments. At age 11, Edison moved to Michigan where he spent the remainder of his childhood. .  At age 15, Al became a “tramp telegrapher”, sending and receiving messages using mores code. Edison often entertained himself by taking things apart to see how they worked. Edison married Mary Stillwell who was 16, had three children and moved his family to Menlo Park, New Jersey where he started his famous laboratory. He worked for the Union Army as a telegrapher.

He decided to become an inventor in 1870; Edison moved to New York City and improved the stock ticker. He also began working on the telegraph, and invented a version that could send four messages at once. He invented the phonograph, with help from “muckers”who gave him money. The phonograph was a machine that recorded and played back sounds. He perfected the phonograph by recording “Mary had a Little Lamb” on a piece of tin foil in 1877! Thomas Edison was a famous inventor.

9 Things I Learned About the Gold Rush

The Yukon Gold Rush is a very interesting topic in human history.  People went to the Yukon to mine for gold.  People still went to the the Yukon regardless of the fact that it was freezing cold.  People ate tons of food in one year in that era (even more than me)they brought a year’s supply of food like bacon, flour, and beans, because they knew it was a long way to the Yukon.  Some people travelled thousands of kilometers on horseback and by husky sleds.  They carried  all kinds of tools like pickaxes shovels lots of food supplies like bacon, flour, and beans.   Merchants were cheapskates.   Merchants were cheapskates because through “business” (probably force) they got gold from the miners.  The miners may have liked to go to the yukon because it was a rocky region (ideal for mining).  Therefore the Yukon Gold Rush is a pretty interesting topic in human history.

American Slavery

Slavery was hard for people from Africa. Slavery started in the early 16th hundred when a Dutch ship brought about 20 African slaves to North American to pick tobacco in plantation. In the 17th and 18th centuries was when slavery really started. If there were no slaves American now would not be a country and it would not be the richest country in the world because the slaves helped the people pick crops and build the economy. In the 17th century it was legal to have a slave helping you pick crops.  Today, slavery is illegal all over the world. In the 17th century there was a machine called the cotton gin and people would use the machine to pick cotton and they would need more people to package the cotton to sell so they need more slaves. Sometimes the owner of the slaves would trade the slaves for Tobacco, cotton and sugar. The slaves also got treated badly suck as being hit by whips and they had to were shackles. This is why slavery was hard for people from Africa.

Monkey Quest

Monkey quest is a new game that is awesome. When a got bored a wanted to play a new game so I search in Google Monkey. Then I found Monkey quest a wanted that game I make my account so then a download the game so I started the game it took an hour to be level 10 I got $2.900 game money my character team is a ninja I join the Chim Foo ninja from Kama I even got a ninja costume then I got a ninja star and a ninja sword

I fight new bosses and mini spider. When I battle a boss that a spider is was really hard so Kama came and fight it for me he’s really powerful but he got freeze and till some one destroy him but suddenly lot of people fight including me to save the ninja Master Kama but suddenly I evil monster came and burn the forest down I might save the monkeys. That why Monkey Quest is a fantastic game to play.

the trip to the aquarium

I went to the aquarium. I went to Ripley’s aquarium in downtown Toronto. It took us 1 hour to get there and come back from the aquarium. I like the part when I saw the swordfishes. I also liked the blue lobsters. I mostly like the fish park. There were 2 slides in the fish park. One was a shell slide and one was a fish one. It was the best trip of my life. It was the best trip it is awesome. I got to touch the sting rays in water and hammer fishes but we couldn’t touch the hammer fishes.  I was too scared to touch the sting rays. There were small and big ones. My friend made me touch the stingrays. Was so scared it would sting me ray. My friends likes to touch the sting Rays. We also there was a gift shop but only teacher were allowed to go into the gift shop. I hate the part when I could not go into the gift shop even if I brought money. We also saw an octopuses and starfishes. I saw a 5metred and my friends had so much fun. The cool part is that the floor helps you walk to the end you can also sit on it and it will help you movie like an elevator/moving stairs. There was a restaurant and they have mcdonalds and pizza and they cook the best French fries.

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