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Global Field Trip

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Throughout the year, our class will be following a family as they travel across the world over the span of 12 months.  Aside from reading and discussing the family’s adventures, we will be working through different assignments and even communicating (hopefully) with them as we learn about different countries and cultures from around the world.  In our classroom, we have dedicated a bulletin board to The Global Field Trip where we will be updating the family’s travels.  We will be using this board as as a starting point for our own in-class adventures and discoveries.


Here is a link to the Global Field Trip Blog site.

Assignment 1:  (The 5 Ws)  Use the graphic organizer provided to help you Answer the 5 Ws and get to know the World.


Assignment 2:  (Researching a Country)  Your next assignment will be to research a country that we have read about in the Global Field Trip blog.  Use the CultureGrams website to help you in your research.  Then, fill in a template using found below.

Assignment 3:  (Paragraph Writing) We read about how our traveling friends only took what they could carry and we actually got to explore a packed a carry-on bag.  After our clothes and toiletry supplies, there isn’t much room left!

Your task is to create a web using Smart Ideas (pictures and words) that outlines your top three picks for what you would take with your on a year long trip around the world.  Remember to explain WHY you’d take your “things” with you.

Assignment 4:  (Blog Reading Response) Your next assignment will be ongoing.  Over the next few weeks, you will be responsible for reading one blog post a week on your own.  You can use Read and Write to help you read through them.  After reading, use this link to complete ONE reading response using the prompts provided.  

Assignment 5:  (Writing A Postcard) Sometimes when people travel, they send postcards to family and friends to share what they are seeing and doing.  For this assignment, you will read The Global Field Trip blog and decide on a city.  Then you will create a web (using Smart Ideas) of facts you have learned about that city.  Finally, you will create a postcard using this template.  Remember, you are to write-in-role (pretending to be one of the family members on the trip).  Also keep in mind who your audience is (our class).

Here are some resources that may help you:
The Global Field Trip (Meet the people that inspired us!)
Google maps (Look up different countries around the world)
Culture Grams (Learn about different cultures)
Kids World Travel Guide (Information about different places around the world)

Classroom Map

Mahatma Gandhi

For more information go to my Gandhi Biography Website!

Mahatma Gandhi was a holy man and a saint. Mahatma Gandhi lived in India and he drove the British out from India. He also stood up for human rights.

Gandhi did many important things in his early life . Gandhi was born in 1869 in the Gujarat region of india. His father and grandfather were the part of the British Raj government in India. Gandhi had to study law of the British Empire to get a job as a lawyer. In May 1893 Gandhi went to South Africa to work on a law case for a businessman there. He  found out that he could not go in hotels and in first-class on trains because he had a different color of skin. Gandhi wanted to fight for Indian people so the they could have the same freedom as the South Africans. He fight for 20 years in South Africa

Gandhi did many important things in his late life. When he moved back to India Gandhi lived on a little farm to live a simple life of a holy man. He grew his own food and made his own cloth. People came for miles to hear his words. He wanted The British to leave india. Gandhi said to his followers “don’t hit back at your enemies”. Gandhi called for all the Indians to go on strike and called it a day of prayer and fasting. Gandhi ate no food for days to remind people that he hated violence. Gandhi said “All through history Truth and love won in the end’. Gandhi won independence to the Indians in 1948. The sad thing is on Sunday, January ,25th a man shot Gandhi three times in the chest. Gandhi died.

Gandhi did many important things. He was also a holy man . Gandhi was a Hindu so he could not kill a living thing. He fought for rights in a peaceful way. He fought for human rights for 20 years. . He helped Indians  win Independence from the British.

Gandhi did many things that were hard. Gandhi had to study law to continue his path to make many things right. South Africa was being racist and did not allow Indians to go on first class trains or hotels. He was not allowed to go to some places because of the colour of his skin. He fought against this. these are some of the things that Gandhi had to go through. Mahatma Gandhi was a holy man and a saint.


I Have a Wonderful Dream Bedroom

By Biyao

I have many bed in my bedroom. I have beds for my mom and dad. I have games in my playroom. I have food and a kitchen in my bedroom. I have a table and chairs to eat food on. I have a tub in my washroom that is in My dream room.

My Trip

In china it is very awesome because I went to my friends house to play my friends iPad and my own iPad. In china I was playing around  with my friends it is very fun I teach my friend how to play what time  is it Mr. wolf. In china I went to a place to eat ice-cream cone there are strawberry and banana on the top for the ice cream cone. In china I went to the pools the  fields  good and it is very hot in the pools and I get to buy so much and it tastes so so so good even the water tastes so good. also there are customers wet to my house. They are 7 pools that I went. I was sleeping over. My trip is awesome and fun.




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