Seedfolks is a good title. Seedfolks is a good title because people were planting seeds and flowers together. When they kept planting for a long time the people that joined planting got along because they were planting together. The first part about the book is it starts with Kim and she planted seeds and she was and she was planting seeds at the end of the book and it’s a nice way to end the book.



Seedfolks is a good title for this book. Seedfolks is a good title for this book because to start a community, some people in the neighbourhood plant seeds. Then one after the other they start planting. They all didn’t talk to each other at first, mostly because of the stereotypes they had of each other. They also came from different cultures and had different skin color. They were rude, mean and not a community at all. They didn’t play together no matter what, even in school where everyone is forced to play together. When they  plant the garden, they started to make a small community. When they started to harvest their plants, they became a community. Then they sold their plants but they sold the plants for free  even a sales man sold his plants for free. This is why Seedfolks is a good name for this book. downloadidk