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Pinewood Derby Cars

Some of the boys in Mr.Borges’ class built wooden toy race cars during recess. We did it for fun!  We started with blocks of wood then we want on a computer and find images of wood cars.  Then we designed the car and drew it on both sides of the wood block.  We took turns cutting out our cars carefully and then spent a long time sanding them so they were smooth with sandpaper and other tools.  That took us about 3 weeks.  Then we painted the cars and they looked awesome.  I think that we should make more cars.  We worked really hard on the cars and it was a lot of fun.




Tale of Unfortunate Events: The Bad Beginning

This is an audiobook of the novel we will be reading together.

My Postcard from Hoi An

Copy of Global Field Trip Postcard Assignment

My Postcard from England


England (1)




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