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New Podcast!

We have a new podcast up and running!  In this episode of the Blog Squad Podcast, two students share some interesting ideas.  One student tells us why he loves Youtube, while another student tells us about some really mean fish in our classroom.

The Black Ninja Fish

The Black Ninja Fish in our class is mean!  Students named two fish, Black Ninja Fish.  We have two Black Ninja Fish. The two Black Ninja Fish are mean because the ninja fish killed a fish named Melody. The Black Ninja Fish is eating a lot. The Black Ninja Fish also poops a lot.That is how the Black Ninja Fish goes.


Toronto’s Vote for Mayor-Part 2

Toronto has a new mayor! This new mayor of Toronto will be awesome. John Tory won the mayor election. He has a smart track plan for Toronto. The Smart Track plan is for the TTC it will take more than $2,000. You might have to pay more tax.


Toronto’s Vote for Mayor Part 1

The next mayor will be the best. If you vote for the next mayor, you have three choices:  John Tory, Doug Ford and Olivia Chow. You can go to city hall vote or go to your polling station.  October 27 2014 it is the last day to vote.


Terry Fox and Rick Hansen

Terry Fox and Rick Hansen were similar and different in many ways. Terry Fox ran around Canada. Rick Hansen wheeled around the world. Terry had cancer in his leg. Terry Fox is died on June 28.  Rick fell off the truck and his leg were paralyzed. Rick is still alive. They both like spots. They both went to raised money for people. They both bone in B.C. Terry Fox and Rick Hansen were similar and different in many ways.



Terry Fox

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