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School Uniform Are A good Idea

Student should wear uniform in school. School is a place for learning and student shouldn’t worry about each others clothing. If student wear the same uniform. People can tell when a stranger goes to your school.  School uniform can tell what school are you in. If students get lost they can ask people to borrow a phone to call their school that is on their uniform. Students should wear uniform at school because they belong to the same team. Students can hide things under their baggy clothes and they can’t do that with uniforms. Student should wear uniform in school.

School Uniforms Are Not A Good Idea

Students should not have uniforms. If students wear regular clothes,when they are supposed to wear uniforms the teacher might send the students home. Students should be allowed to wear whatever they want because they can dress like a princess if they want. Not everyone likes the same thing. Students should not wear the same clothes because they might be called names and it will make them sad. They can be bullied.That is why students should not wear uniforms            

The Debate for School Uniforms


Schools uniforms are a great thing. Schools are a place for learning. Students should not be talking about other students clothes. Uniforms can tell students what school are there in. Students shouldn’t have to be choosing their clothes because they are going to take a long time to change their clothes every morning. If students could hiding weapons/armour under their baggy clothes. Also you can die and/or lose all your friends but if you have your uniform on then the school can tell of you have done it or if you have not but if they saw you killing people then they do not have to. You also could be bullied if you wear your everyday clothes. If the bully does not like the way you wear your clothes/if you wear uniforms then you will not get bullied for the way you wear your clothes. This is why school uniforms are a great thing.

Uniforms 2


Schools uniforms are not a great thing. Clothes can be used as a way to show off your personality and characteristics. Students cannot learn if they wear everyday clothes to class if the school has already banned everyday clothes. A lot of students feel more comfortable with their everyday clothes and it helps them concentrate on work. Why would you make every kid look the same? School uniforms are taking away everyone’s freedom. They already took away their freedom to go to the bathroom on their own. Now they have to announce it to the whole classroom. Also it is so expensive for the parent to buy the kids uniforms. That is why schools uniforms are not a great thing.

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