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Summer Wordle

My summer was good. I played games like Minecraft. There is modded survival versions in the game Minecraft. There are mods like Pokecube and Minecraft Comes Alive. The game Minecraft has a lot of creatures. I only saw 326 mods but I bet there are about 900000000 or more.  There are in the game like cows, sheeps, pigs, zombies and more. The weapons in the game are wood swords, stone swords, iron swords, gold swords and diamond swords! The armour in the game are letter armour, iron armour, gold armour and diamond armour! Minecraft is a good game and that is the reason why my summer was good.

My Best summer ever

There are several reasons why is my best summer ever.  My first thing I’ve done  for this summer was  going to bed and getting my PsVita and playing for an hour, then I got bored of it so I decided to play with my brother outside with his friend and my friend Emmanuel we’ve played tag for an hour and they need to go home I had  lot of fun . The second thing I’ve done this year was going to Ottawa for I week .we went around a street with lots of people they came with us to Ottawa then we went to the hotel It  was nice but there  wasn’t a freezer there so It was OK .So I brought my PS Vita and played until 9:00 . After I week my brother really wanted to live in Ottawa forever so I laughed I don’t know why it’s was funny. After a month my cousin came over and slept over for a month and we had fun we’ve fun by playing video games until 2:00 every day I really like my cousin sleeping over. I think it was the best sleep over ever. When my cousin went home I was really sad because we have not done the stuff we wanted to do. Maybe next time he might come over again so we can finish the stuff we wanted to do. After a month later we were preparing for school by buying pencils folders and other kinds of stuff. After a week later we were going to wonderland we went to had fun. The last day of the break was here so I’ve had the best break ever maybe next summer break will be better but this years Is the best. This is why my summer is the best for now!!!



My baby brother is the best brother

My baby brother is the best brother. He is a little fat and very very cute. He can crawl now and he can say “mommy”, “daddy” and “sister”. He is 11 months old and he makes me laugh. That is why he is the best brother.


Frogs In Are Class

We have 4 frogs in our class. 2 are tree frog and 2 are toads.  the tree frogs are camouflage to the trees and the toads are camouflage to the mud.  The tree frogs are green and wheat.  The tools are blane, green and red on there delly.  They sound like monkey.  They eat bags.  We have to spay them every day with water but ounty treefrog.    

Wordle And Paragraph About Summer



Summer was short and bland. At the beginning of summer I got a cat.  After a while I named him Orion. Lots of people thought it was a weird name but eventually it started to grow on them. Then I called my best friend Adam and he came over to my house and we had lots of fun. We played with the cat and on my playstation 3. Also I went to my grampa’s for a week but there was not much to talk about from when I was there. Then summer ended it felt like it was extremely horridly short, bland, and fast. The worst part is I never even got to go to Wonderland. Summer was short and bland


Minecraft Is Cool


Minecraft is cool. Minecraft is cool because Minecraft has a lot cool mods to download to play. Minecraft is cool because Minecraft has lot of food to eat and lots of weapons to use. Minecraft is cool because in Minecraft you use blocks you get from trees cows water and monsters.  So I think Minecraft is cool.


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