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Country Research Projects – Part 1

Here are our country research projects!

Country Research - Scotland - Vincent Country Research - Ireland - Tracy Country Research - France - Dion Country Research - Canada Copy of Country Research Template - Blank Country Research - Turkey - KeyannaCountry Research - Spain- Jeff Belgium Copy of Country Research - England - Gordon

Global Field Trip

Throughout the year, our class will be following a family as they travel across the world over the span of 12 months.  Aside from reading and discussing the family’s adventures, we will be working through different assignments and even communicating (hopefully) with them as we learn about different countries and cultures from around the world.  In our classroom, we have dedicated a bulletin board to The Global Field Trip where we will be updating the family’s travels.  We will be using this board as as a starting point for our own in-class adventures and discoveries.


Here is a link to the Global Field Trip Blog site.
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Youtube is the best internet site to find videos. Youtube is the best internet site because it has over 6 billion hours of videos that are watched each month on YouTube.  With Youtube, we can record games and things in your life. Youtube started on February 14, 2005. The best Youtuber is Jo from Stampy Long Nose/Stampy Long Head, The Diamond Minecart and Evan Tube gaming raw HD. That is why YouTube is the best internet site to find videos.

Here is a link for youtube

Canadian Heroes

There are two canadian heroes  you might not know.Introducing Terry fox and Rick Hansen. Rick Hansen was to raise money to fund spinal cord injury by wheeling across the world,  and Terry Fox  wanted to raise money for cancer research by running with one leg

   Terry Fox was born in Winnipeg Manitoba  he moved in Port Coquitlam,British Columbia .He loves sport including basketball and when he was 18 a doctor found out that he has bone cancer he needed to amputate Terry’s  leg above the knee he stayed in the hospital for few days. He saw children younger than him with cancer

and realized that he needs to do something to help people so he decided to run 32 kilometres each day. His dream is to raise 1 dollar for each canadian in total is 22 million dollars the best way is to run across canada. He trained in his artificial leg for 15 months until he could run 35 kg.

He started at st john newfoundland he began  his own ‘Marathon of hope’. He raised a few petty dollars suddenly many people asked Terry questions a few months later he raised 1 million  he became a hero. At Thunder Bay he raised 24 million dollars unfortunately  he began sick he needed to taken to the hospital, At the hospital doctor found out that cancer was returned and the cancer has spread to his lungs. He’s ready to die. On 1981 Terry died.

Now you know about Terry Fox we need to  know about Rick Hansen.  Rick was born in 1957 in port alberni on british columbia he loves ball sport at 15  he was thrown by a pickup truck  his leg was paralyzed  his spinal cord injury he  could never walk again. but he didn’t feel bad.he wanted to be  the top canadian top athlete. He won 19 international wheelchair marathons. Rick was inspired by Terry Fox  he wanted to finish  what Terry had done. At 1985 at age 27 he began his own Man in Motion he wheeled two marathon each day to show what people with disabilities.  Rick Hansen tour was a big success. Terry fox died Rick felt sad he needed to impress him he decided to run around the world. People feel big and strong rick hansen became another Terry Fox.

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